28 Incredible Stories Of Wedding Faux Pas That’ll Have You Cringing In Your Seats

5. That’s horrible

Recently I went to a wedding of a childhood friend; we aren’t that close anymore but we’re on good terms. She’s Chinese American, married a white guy from New Orleans. Others in the bride’s party mentioned to me that it seems like there’s a bit of drama with the groom’s mom….and that they been getting the impression that this is the first time the groom’s parents have really interacted with Asians….and I heard the groom’s mom tried talking him out of this marriage. I’ve known the couple for a few years and they are great together and really match. He defended his bride all the way to the mom.

Faux Pas: the groom’s mom and her family talking loudly, at the wedding/reception, about how the marriage isn’t going to last. Them taking bets about how long they think they will be together before the “inevitable” divorce.

6. That’s pathetic

At my sister’s wedding reception, her new MIL got pretty wasted. She was complaining about the way her wrap skirt was fitting, so she opened it up completely at the edge of the dance floor and flashed my aunt. When she went outside to smoke she started chatting up some random 20 yr olds who were also out there smoking and invited them into the reception to join her at the open bar. Those guys then started trying to grind on the 12-14 yr old girls that were dancing at the reception and had to be strong-armed to leave.

7. “Deep Middle East”

Don’t “cheer shoot” an AK or any other firearms at a wedding. Ever.

Source: I’ve seen too many weddings from the deep Middle East


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