28 Incredible Stories Of Wedding Faux Pas That’ll Have You Cringing In Your Seats

3. Pretty bad? No, this one is terrible

A friend of mine from high school was getting married to her first ever boyfriend who I knew was kind of a douche, but whatever, we were going to support a friend.

She invited all of us to her wedding by creating a Facebook invite. The event page ended up becoming basically a place for the groom to post information about the wedding such as:

1. Only family will be invited to dinner, here are some restaurants in shit box town that you can try instead!

2. We are charging $2 per drink for dinner guests. We will be increasing the drink price during the reception for those of you not invited to the dinner but are going to the reception.

3. (After outcry from the previous rule) We don’t want anyone drinking too much or making any bad decisions, so that is why we are increasing the drink price. We also need the extra money to fund the midnight lunch.

I was pissed off about the drink thing (probably a bit more than I should have been) for many reasons. My friends and I weren’t invited to the dinner since we weren’t family, the wedding was also very far away and required all of us to spend two nights in a hotel, and when the couple did actually send out their invitations (a month before the wedding) they included a gift registry even though we had to pay for hotels and our own meal and drinks.

I sent the groom a Facebook message regarding the drink prices because I used to be an event planner and I know the laws around liquor permits. In our province it is illegal to charge anymore than $2 unless it is a fundraiser or something. I sent a very civil, polite message informing him of this and this and the reply was this exact message:

“Lol thanks for the advice. I’m well aware of drink permits, so be at ease we are fine. By technicality I am the head of a not for profit organization so we have a little more liberty.”

I responded:

“So this wedding is serving as a fundraiser for your not-for-profit organization? Will I be given a tax receipt for the gift I give you and drink purchases?”

He did not respond.


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