28 Incredible Stories Of Wedding Faux Pas That’ll Have You Cringing In Your Seats

25. Don’t be this person

Girl showing up uninvited and basically drunkenly talking shit about the bride’s family to anyone who’d listen.

26. That is truly a terrible wedding

Not my story, but a wedding photographer friend of mine went to a military wedding where the groom and groomsmen got super wasted and somehow wound up fighting with the mother-in-law, who got cut in the fight and started screaming and bleeding and spitting over everyone. Then somehow it came out that she was HIV positive. The paramedics had to come and take her and a bunch of people who thought they’d been exposed away. The groom eventually passed out behind the bar and the bride just cried and cried and cried. She apparently called her mother up the next day and asked to come home, and her mom told her something along the lines of “staying married is how you work your problems out.”

27. A huge bomb

During his toast to the happy couple the best man accidentally dropped the bombshell that the groom was not the father of the couple’s new baby.

The groom knew it wasn’t his kid (she was pregnant when they got together) but they were passing the kid off as his to their families.

28. I’m laughing uncontrollably at this

Father of the Bride makes a speech as dinner has just begun. He starts out well with how much he loves his daughter and how delighted he is about her new husband (my friend). Then he continues into a story about one time when the bride was a baby, she projectile shat onto his face.

Why. The fuck. Would her dad think that was okay to relate to family and friends at her wedding?


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