23 People Talk About That One Super Awkward Time They Were Caught Staring At Someone


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1. Oops

One day in college I was leaving a classroom and heading across campus to another class. Immediately after turning out of the room, a girl in the classroom next to mine pops out in front of me and travels in the same direction. I immediately notice that this particular female has a FANTASTIC ass – I’m talking glorious. Any guy in college in New England can appreciate the winter where every girl is in leggings, and these leggings on this girl perfectly accentuated every curve.

I’m immediately in a primal state. Head down, eyes focused. And completely in awe. In a crowded period between classes switching I’m confident that I can’t be caught. I continue through the building in my trance and head outside, happy that she is on my same path. As we approach a second building to cut through, I look up to get my bearings before entering the door. As I look to the door, I immediately realize my mistake. The door is glass.

I’m in the reflection.

She was already focused on where I was gazing. Even in the reflection I can tell I pulled off the worlds worst look away attempt. I was caught red handed.

I’m already pretty embarrassed, but to make matters worse, she continued on the same path I was taking. Through the building, across a path, into another building (I didn’t get caught that time) and up 3 flights of stairs to another classroom adjacent to mine. She knew where I was at all times. I still snuck in a few glances but I’ve never been caught so abruptly and felt so shameful about it.

Every time I left that class I kinda hoped it would happen again because dat ass.


So picture this, I was getting out of class walking towards my bus, and this beautiful brunette with bright blue eyes wearing a dress and a jacket walks towards me. At that moment in time, it looked like we were the only two people on the street (Which was odd considering it’s normally a packed campus). She hadn’t noticed me at that point, and I was just….scanning. I slowly moved my gaze from her legs, to her slender waist, to her breasts, and then the moment I gazed at her eyes intently she spotted me. At this point we were literally 5 steps away from each other. She then shot me a smile. Next thing you know I run into a handicap sign, and audibly yell motherfucker as loud as possible. She then laughed, and asked… “Are you okay?”

I in reply said, “It happens.” she then walks away with me staring at her ass…next thing she says, “You can look but you can’t touch.” In the sickeningly sweetest voice I have ever heard. Immediately I feel a knot in my stomach, and just ran for the bus as quick as possible.

Yeah that entire experience sucked.

3. Oops

First date. Downtown eating lunch al fresco.

She’s wearing a summer dress, and dark sunglasses. I’m wearing my sunglasses as well.

I can’t keep my eyes off her legs.

Walking her to her car after we eat. She takes off her sunglasses as we enter the underground parking structure.

Me: Wow your eyes are beautiful. I couldn’t see them behind your dark glasses.

Her: Really? I could see your eyes the whole time.

4. Oops

Me and some friends were leaving a movie theater, a woman with a great ass and her boyfriend were walking ahead of us. All of us were staring silently until the guy noticed us with his peripherals. He said something like “Yep, look all you want, but that’s for me.” She just picked up her pace by 5x.

5. Oops

I was sitting in a Mexican restaurant with a friend when I was about 22, and our food had just arrived. Just then, one of the most stunning women I’ve ever seen was seated by the host at approximately my one o’clock. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her, but I started daydreaming about some random other thing while still gazing at her. A couple minutes later, I snapped back to reality and realized she and I had been making total eye contact for an uncomfortable length of time, and because I’d been off in my own little world, my “look away” reflex hadn’t fired. She had the most “dude, what the fuck?” expression on her face, and I cringed, raised my palms apologetically, and shrank into the far corner of my booth to finish my meal before getting out of there.

6. Oops

Work at a company of 4k people. I was sitting at a walk up desk in the main lobby. Girl walks past who I know has an amazing ass. I watch her walk up the stairs, then I adjust my chair and torso so that I’m peeking up and over the monitor with my head tilted to the right to get a better glimpse of her slowly ascending the stairs. She turns around as I’m physically stretched out to get a better view.

7. Oops

The HR lady at my last job was very well endowed. She also tend to wear tight shirts.

Luckily she was a very understanding person.

8. Oops

Our realtor was sitting in our living room discussing our options, when she starts glancing down and tugging her v-neck shirt closed over her cleavage. She kept doing it as we talked, and eventually I realized from the way she did it and looked at me that she thought I was ogling her.

I hadn’t been ogling her at all– but her constantly flurry of movement kept distracting me such that her misapprehension became a self-fulfilling prophecy. Fuck’s sake, the only winning move is not to play.

9. Oops

I’m standing in lineup for Subway and see someone look my direction out of the corner of my eye. So I look over and catch this girl (who can’t have been older than 16) doing a full sweep head to toe and back up again. So I just stand there with a friendly smile as she finishes her sweep, until she meets my eyes and realizes that I had caught her. I have never seen someone turn beet red so quickly.

I hope I didn’t embarrass her from checking out guys ever again but it was hilarious to see that reaction.

10. Oops

While not staring, I was confused for staring.

My middle school was horribly overcrowded, like almost impossible to move through the main halls between classes or immediately after. So, one day on my way to the bus somehow I get my half my eyelash stuck under the lower lid. This is painful. I duck my head to turn down a side hallway so I can stop and fix it and it turns out the way I ducked my head and cut across traffic made it look like I was ogling some girl’s cleavage.

Got called a pervert by people for a few months after that.

11. Oops

Back in 8th grade, while attending a small charter school with a class of 50+ kids, I’d just finished classes for the day. and while waiting for my ride home, i struck up a conversation with a very pretty girl. While chatting, I sort of lost interest in what we were talking about and started daydreaming about something entirely unrelated… well, apparently while doing this, my eyes and head had drifted, so that I was staring directly at her tits. (I didn’t know I was staring, or realise my gaze had shifted at all!) It must have been super obvious, and rude from the girls perspective. I didn’t stop looking though, until she tapped me on the forehead, and said the classic “my eyes are up here”…

12. Oops

I was at the mall with my long term boyfriend, just sitting on a bench right at the end of the mall. He got up to get a soda out of the machine nearby-ish. This gorgeous man walked by with his girlfriend. I swear he was perfect. And since I was sitting right at the end of the mall, I got to watch him approach from the right, walk right in front of me, then head back down the other side of the mall to my left. I stared the entire time, but I thought he didn’t notice because he was too busy talking to his girlfriend. He was so hot that I then turned my body on the bench to watch him walk away. Just then he turned and looked at me!! I turned back around so fast. I was so embarrassed that I ran to the soda machine to tell my boyfriend what had happened. He thought it was hilarious.

13. Oops

Deaf guy here, it wasn’t staring but it was talking about some girls in front of them.

The summer after I graduated from high school, my best friend and I were at the food court of the mall. I had taught him to speak in American Sign Language and he became fluent pretty quick. Naturally, I taught him all the slang and swear words too. Well, a couple of smoking hot girls walked in and sat near us. They were a little bit older, probably early 20s (college). We started talking about them in ASL. We’re teenage boys, so we’re talking about they look like underneath, what we’d love to do, etc. This carried on for probably ten minutes.

After the girls finished eating, one of them comes over and signs–in fluent ASL–“I just wanted to let you know I’m an interpreter and I saw everything you said.” Holy shit, our faces must have been cherry red. She kinda gave me a glare and I managed to look behind her to her friend who just looked amused. In retrospect, it was kind of funny, but it was awkward as hell at the moment.

14. Oops

I just got caught staring at the grocery store, this young brunette mother was pushing her toddler in a stroller. She had seriously rocking tits and was pretty damn cute.

I was just bored, waiting my turn in line and I guess I drifted off a bit right at the moment I was taking a peek, thinking about totally non-tit related things, but still “looking” in the general direction of her fantastic rack. I wasn’t fantasizing about her at all by that point, I seriously just wanted to get the hell out of there and get home to eat.

And then came the eye contact and angry look, snapping me out of my daydream as her hand went up to her cleavage to block my view. Fuck. I probably looked like I was intently staring at them like a total creeper, when I was really just lost in thought.

This is a small country town of 9000 people too, I’m totally gonna see her again.

15. Oops

Little late, but fuck it.

So, I was at a funeral. The funeral for my 6th grade teacher. I was 25. I had been going vegetarian for two months at that point in order to win a bet. So I’m starving, I’m hanging out with my parents and a bunch of people I haven’t seen in decades, and to make it worse, the only teacher from elementary school I would have liked to have seen was the one in the casket. There’s no booze. I’m hungry, I’m bored, I’m grumpy, and I’m sober.
Then, at the wake, I see her. One of my younger sister’s friend’s older sisters. A family friend, essentially.

Someone I knew but was never very close to. I see her. Time slows to a crawl. My core temperature begins to sky rocket. Words bounce off my ears like rubber bands. I see her. When I tell you she’s beautiful, you’re not going to get my meaning. In order to talk about this woman to my friends, I refer to her by the initialism “TMBWIC,” or “The Most Beautiful Woman in Creation.” My heart is beating in my throat. I see her, in her radiant glory, bringing meaning to my life in a way that I was previously unaware it had been missing. I see her.

Turns out, time hadn’t stopped, she’d seen me and approached me, and was standing in front of me, saying hello, with her hand extended, puzzling if I remembered who she was. I did. Oh boy, how I did.

She turned out to be a terrible flake of a woman, impossible to try to talk to, which is tragic, because she also happens to be a kick ass person in addition to being time-stoppingly beautiful. I embarrassed myself pretty good that day, and gave up trying to get through her various walls since, but oh man, I don’t know that I’ll ever forget that feeling. I saw her.

16. Oops

I was walking out of my uni class with a new friend I just made in class. We happened to be taking the same bus. Now this was in summer and my new friend, well she wore a short tank top and small tight denim shorts. As we get to the bus stop she turns around to face me and boom, a wild cleavage appears, staring right at me. Now, it was really hot that day and being exhausted from the heat I wasn’t thinking straight, so as any other guy would have done in my position, I just stared at those babies back for a good 5 seconds before realizing what the fuck I was doing. That’;s when I panicked and immediately looked back up to her eyes. She saw me, she knew and she caught me. I froze and just kept staring at her eyes. I was ready for any shit that would come my way. But she just smiled and got into the bus that just happened to arrive, thank God. Awkward bus ride home ensued.

17. Oops

Female here, but I want to tell my story. Yesterday in fitness class. Instructor has the best pair of legs I have ever seen, and some pretty tight spandex shorts. Leaves just enough for me to be curious multiple times in one hour. At one point, I couldn’t help but look just again, and we make eye contact. So he probably knows I’ve been checking him out for about 4 weeks now.

18. Oops…?

I was 14, working my first job (well, if you don’t count the paper route I had before that) at the local grocery store. It was summer and I was stocking the milk section. I used to love doing it because the ladies would come in, get their milk and well, you know.

Totally got caught staring at this mid-20’s girl’s chest. She was embarrassed at first, but then gave me a little eyebrow raise all, “hey now.” Not as in “I want to get with a 14 year old” but more “you like this?”

I went home after work and jerked fervently to that memory.

19. Oops

I was interviewing for my first job at Walmart with this really unattractive woman who wore a lot of buttons with slogans and motivational quotes on her sweater. Imagine flares from Office Space and you’ll get the idea. Now put these buttons on a healthy set of honkers.

My eyes kept straying to read these stupid buttons because they were really stupid. She however got the impression that I was staring at her milkies and ended the interview right then and there.

20. Oops!

There are two girls that I know who both have fantastic asses (one of them also have tits like Katy Perry). Since I’m their friend I often get to hear them giggling about guys staring at them. This one time we were walking to lunch just me, a guy friend and them. We passed a bench were a posse of guys say just shooting the shit pretty loudly, but as we walked past their talking ebbed out pretty quickly and when I looked back at them at least 6/8 guys were full on ogling their butts.

I bump the guy who also saw it and as soon as we were out of sight both of US erupted into laughter.

21. Oops

My brother, my cousin, and I are at restaurant that has both outside and inside seating. We go for the inside seating, but near the tinted windows. After we’ve been seated, an attractive couple of girls sit down outside. We start checking them out, confident that they can’t see us through the window.

After they left, and we’ve had a whole meal of glances and ogling, we go outside and glance back in. You can see our table clear as day. No wonder they finished there food so quickly…

22. Oops

Oh man, I was once working for a catering company that worked for jewish events. So they fly us out to Florida for Passover to serve Jewish families food during their time of celebration. Its all in a huge resort and all us waiters get to stay with the guests and use the same pools as them. Now, Jewish woman are in my book to have the fat asses. But it’s like a Museum, you could look but can’t touch. These woman are only allowed to wear dresses below their knees and must wear a long sleeved shirt their dress so they cannot reveal their arms. Also something about the hair, that only their husbands can see their real hair so they all wear wigs. All this and all us waiters still look for the girl with the best ass. One time going into the ballroom to serve dinner, a group of my buddies and I happened to walking behind a woman that we had spotted before but we all haven’t had the opportunity to be this close and behind her. We were going in the same direction, so she was pretty much taking lead with her ass and us following with our jaws dropped. Right at the entrance of the building, on both sides of the doors were floor to ceiling windows. Of course she caught us while she walked up the stairs and saw the reflection somehow. “these windows reflect you know”. I have no idea how I didnt get fired, or lynched.

23. Oh yeah!

So, last fall I was awestruck as I walked from the science building to my bike. I always leave my bike next to a bench, right outside, where, this time, an extremely gorgeous girl was sitting.

Between us, was a bike roast and a people highway (you know, where everyone walks through during class hours). I walked through the people like they weren’t there until I got called an asshole (in hindsight, deservingly) for not paying attention. I immediately looked back, voiced an apology, turned around and tripped…on a dwarf. All the while she had noticed me, and I had only stopped staring for the first apology.

Now I had Grumpy mad at me, people both laughing and scowling at me, and a very amused girl being witness to the fallout. As I kept looking at her, I just gestured “this is your fault” while apologising to Wee man and loudly making excuses about my total carelessness.

Once the Halfling cooled off as I quietly explained why I was so unobserving of my environment (he looked too), we both looked at each other, laughed, and agreed it was ok. I agreed I owed Tyrion a drink and he and I parted ways.

I walked towards Goldilocks (huge blue eyes, golden locks, red lips…pure gorgeous), abashed, after what had happened, and I obviously asked for an apology. When her face spelled nothing but confusion and a hint of amusement, I explained “You can’t be that pretty so carelessly. You could cause an accident.” It may sound smooth, but I was mostly trying to save face while trying not to die laughing. It worked, though.

She laughed and suggested we talk it over coffee. I agreed. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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