I’ve Never Been In Love — How Do You Know When You Find The One?

Love is a great thing — have you felt it? That flutter you get when you’re with that person, that feeling you get when you two are in the same room, the ability to say anything and understand each other. Love is being able to pee while your significant other is in the shower. That’s true love. Just tell them when you flush. That’s courtesy. Found on this Reddit thread.

1. This is how it all begins

I’d like to think you start to love someone when you care about them more than yourself. It’s when you would do anything for them just to make them happy. You could spend everyday with her/him and never want things to change. The worst part about this feeling.. is when they don’t feel it too.

2. Fair enough

When you know you’re happier when she’s with you, even when she’s being a cunt.

3. This a million times

When you’re with them, you feel like you’re home.

4. Hey Kevin

“When you’re eating chicken nuggets and instead of offering to split the last one you give them the whole thing.”

5. Acceptance

When you can accept their flaws. No one’s perfect, if you’re telling yourself, “Wow Cindy is so perfect I love her so much everything she does is right,” you’ve just got a crush. People are flawed, whether they’re selfish, lazy, passive-aggressive, whiny etc. everyone does things that would annoy you. Loving someone isn’t whitewashing them, it’s loving all the great things and all the shittty things.

6. Even DMX?

I’ve heard people say: “When the songs start to make sense.”

7. So romance

I usually just lift up her skirt, pull her panties to the side, and bury my face right in between her buttocks. I call that love.

8. Okay, that’s it

When you masturbate to her personality, not her body. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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