27 People Reveal Their Terrifying Real Life Creepy Stories

17. Ouija boards are creepy

One of my friends went through a phase where he would obsess with the supernatural, and I was naturally dragged along for the ride. In particular, he got a Ouija board and decided to use it in the creepiest places around town.

One night, we went to an elementary school that had been abandoned for decades – it was one of those places that stupid teenagers go to scare themselves or impress girls. We were a fairly large group of kids, but only my daring friend and two others were willing to leave the car; I stayed behind with another kid who soon broke down and started praying frantically. Anyway, my three friends went out, sat in the playground, and began their ghost interrogation.

It was cold, Idaho weather, and it was a dark, moonless night. It was unnerving but quiet for a few minutes, but then I noticed a car driving down the road very slowly, which was strange because the school was in the middle of nowhere. As it got closer, I heard a weird noise that sounded like kids yelling. Then, I saw people running next to the van; some were skipping and looked like children. I tried to tell the praying kid next to me, but he was focusing on his prayers. Now I was really scared. Another car drove by, but, this time, it pulled right next to our car. The headlights were blinding, and the car didn’t move. My three friends in the playground got freaked out too and ran for the car. When we sped away, the other car just stayed at the school. Later, I asked my friends about the van and the kids running next to it. They said they didn’t see or hear anything. It went right by them. I felt uneasy for quite some time after that.

TL;DR Mistakes were made; Ghosts are spooky.


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