26 People Reveal The Weird Things In America That Americans Are Completely Oblivious About


Found on r/AskReddit.

1. Advertising Medication

The advertising of drugs. Who am I to tell my doctor what drugs I think will be most effective. It’s ludicrous.

2. Hidden Prices

That prices don’t include sales tax, so you have to make quick calculations in your head to make sure you have enough money. The price you see is not the price you pay, for some reason.

3. Bathroom Stall Doors

The bathroom stall doors in America don’t close with a tight fit. There’s an inch of space all around them where all sorts of weird things can appear such as the eye of a cognitively disabled young boy who is breathing heavily and may or may not be jerking himself off. In other parts of the world, stall doors close tightly because (big surprise!) people want to poop in private.

4. Indoctrination At An Early Age

The Pledge of Allegiance being said all the time in school is pretty weird/creepy.

5. Talking In States

When we ask where you’re from, we expect you to say “The United States of America.” When you say “Massachusetts,” that has no meaning to us and we have to ask again.

6. That’s actually hilarious

That Oklahoma’s state vegetable is a watermelon. THE VEGETABLE!

7. Car Culture Farther Out South And West You Go

In the Southern States, everything is based around cars and, therefore, roads are great but sidewalks are complete shit. Even waiting at a pedestrian crossing in El Paso is like “If you can dodge traffic, you can dodge a ball.”

8. Nazi Influence

There is no official language, if one had been chosen English wouldn’t have been it.

The US officially adopted the metric system but due to costs involved in the switch over it was never fully implemented.

We got the idea for the interstate system from the Nazis, and said interstate system was built for military use and not primarily civilian.

9. Jesus Ain’t Your Savior

That Jesus wasn’t from there.

10. Prude Americans

That we are ridiculously prudish with regards to nudity and ‘affairs’ of state.

11. Y’all is welcome

Serving size, OMG the food portions at most places are ridiculous!

12. Religion plays a major role in US politics

My ex-wife is from Canada. She noticed right away all of the anti-abortion and religious billboard along the highways.

13. Americans don’t know, don’t care

That the majority have such an intense hatred for socialism and communism.

Yes, both can be abused, but so can and are democracy and capitalism.

14. Adds to our neuroticism

A great many of your public toilets/washrooms/restrooms (whatever you call them) do not have “OCCUPIED” or “VACANT” signs. This is an easy addition to the lock mechanism that allows ppl to know not to try the door. Admittedly I’ve only been to New England area and Hawaii

15. Yeah, I find that gross too

“Cheese” from a can.

16. A cool fact: USA – Ghana World Cup match got 14.4 million viewers in NYC on ESPN/Univision combined. The average of all Jets/Giants games last season in NY was 14.1 million across FOX/CBS/NBC.

That the majority of their sporting events barely make a splash outside of the USA, world series? Never met anyone who has watched it. Superbowl? Meh a few people watch it.

17. “She bang,” – William Hung, probably

Your love for guns. I’ve never seen anything like it.

18. You have to understand that there are Americans who are actually voted for Tort Reform, so… there are really stupid ones around ruining for everyone

That universal health care is not so bad…. paying $1000 for one ER visit is much worse.

19. My mom does this all the time (she’s Korean) and she points out how fat or skinny my friends have become

According to my Japanese friends, how fat we are as a nation is mind-boggling to them, and how little we’re doing to stop the growth of obesity is simply terrifying. When I tell them that it’s not polite over here to point out weight problems, they are nonplussed. Then again, Japanese people sometimes greet friends with, “Oh, I see you’ve gotten fatter,” so they’ve got a totally different outlook.

20. Don’t hate on entrepreneurs

Those fucking family stickers on the backs of cars.

21. There’s some Americans people who don’t trust the government (and the banks) and say Sandy Hook didn’t happen

That the U.S Government is just as corrupt as other governments.

22. At least we don’t have work hours like Koreans or the Japanese

Working 50-60 hours a week is “normal” or “expected.”

23. TBQH, everyone feels that way about the TSA

That an untrained, overweight, angry gentleman will be nasty, rude, and possibly fondle your genitals on the way in and out of the country.

What the fuck America?! I’m British and landed at Philadelphia Airport with my girlfriend and her family, then got shouted at and treated like shit because I approached the passport desk with her family.

Apparently just because we are travelling in a party, we don’t get the privilege to have our passports processed together. Then I had this sweaty angry guy keep shouting at me and telling me to get my fingerprints scanned and being rude when the scanner wasn’t picking up certain fingers.

I was treated the same in Florida airport and on the way back. Stop hating everybody, guys, seriously cool it just a bit.

In contrast, when I got back to Manchester airport I was greeted at passport control by a lovely jolly old lady who beamed and said “hello lovely! welcome back! How was your holiday? Etc etc”

24. Public drunkenness is (in most cases) a misdemeanor (it depends on the state)

That you’re not allowed to “be” drunk in the streets in some States. Even if you’re not doing anything wrong.

25. This is a great point

Bribing is legal in America, its just called lobbying instead.

26. We’re taking over obesity one person at a time

You guys have a whole aisle in supermarkets just for soda. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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