20 Men Reveal What Their Significant Other Does In Bed That Turns Them On


Found on r/AskMen.

1. They initiate it

Anything so long as she initiates it, that’s a major turn on for me. I hate feeling like I’m always the one initiating sex, it makes me feel like a schlubby sitcom husband.

2. Knows what they want

She initiates when she wants it, is passionate during, and knows consistently what gets her off (lucky for me, she’s one of the few who can get off consistently from PIV).

Seeing her into it and enjoying herself because of what I’m doing is a huge part of what turns me on.

3. Blowjobs

Blowjobs are pretty cool, sex is sweet, massages are the shit after a workout… but the absolute best thing a woman can do is initiate. It makes me feel sexy and desired, feelings that I can easily reciprocate.

4. Simple, but erotic

Puts her wet pussy on my leg while she’s sucking my dick.

5. Hardcore

69, followed by some hang-her-head-off-the-bed blowjob, vaginal, then doggy style anal.

6. Bad girl

With my first girlfriend, after foreplay, she sometimes approached my ear and whispered “fuck me”.

For some reason this always was a big boost for me. Worth to mention she didn’t used to swear.

7. Finishing the job till the very end

Might be a bit graphic but suck on my cock right after I cum. Its … its pretty awesome.

8. Spooning

When she lets me be Little Spoon.

9. Experimenting

“Hey, let’s try this.”

Doesn’t matter what. The answer is always, “Hell yes.”

10. Orgasming on you

Cums during sex, there’s something fucken hot about her twitching in pleasure while my dick is still pounding her.

11. Eye contact

Looks me in the eye, while simultaneously taking/swallowing the prize!

12. Grinding

Cock worship. Nothing in the world beats a 30 – 45 minute blowjob/handjob combo.

I also really love for a gal to straddle my face and pin both of my hands down over my head. She starts out teasing me – putting her pussy just out of licking distance. Occasionally she lets me get a few licks in. This goes on for a good long while until she just starts grinding the fuck out of my whole face and comes all over me.

13. Headwrap

I like it when she wraps her legs around my head.

14. Going down sloppy

It’s all good, but the best, my absolute favorite, is an enthusiastic, sloppy blowjob.

And she uses her hands and neglects no accessories, and when she hears you making “It’s about that time!” sounds she looks up and goes “Mmhmm! Mmhmm!” and then when you come she squeezes her eyes shut and sucks it all down, stroking out every last drop, until you almost can’t stand it, then pulls your cock out of her mouth with a faint “Pop!” and goes “Aaah!” like she just had a refreshing drink of cucumber lime water at the spa.

Yeah, that’s the shit right there.

15. Role play

She likes to role play with me as an authority figure, typically a teacher but sometimes an employer. She likes it enough to request it regularly and is very open to trying new things.

16. Salad tossing

When my annyus is spic and span , I love a good ol salad tossin. Best feeling ever.

17. Apologizing

The girl I’m with now apologizes when she comes “too soon”. I didn’t even know that was a thing. This happens a lot when she’s on top. She’ll get there right away and say, “I’m sorry baby I’m going to come!” I find this incredibly hot, and cute and endearing.

18. Tittyfucking

Titfuck. So many women have no interest in it.

19. Crazy deepthroating

My first wife could take me all the way down her throat and then give my balls a tongue thrashing. I never lasted more than thirty seconds so it was usually the last part of sex-sort of an informal birth control. We would have been happy enough with another kid, but no sense encouraging it when she could do that! God I fucking miss her.

20. Mom…?

Rubs my feet and then reads me spooky ghost stories before bed. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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