19 Women Who Have Been In A Threeway Explain What It Felt Like Being The Third Wheel

17. Don’t chicken out

Well as someone who has invited a friend to be in a threesome, I can say it hasn’t impacted our friendship.

It didn’t go well. She’s very conservative and it was a bad idea from the get go to ask her, specifically. But she basically chickened out early on and left. No hard feelings though, its just kind of something that happened.

18. Watch out for this

I was the third in a three-way makeout session (no penetrative sex) with a guy who I think I was dating at the time and a girl who was both my best friend and ex-and-sometimes-still-lover. She was not my public girlfriend, we couldn’t come out (we were teenagers in rural Illinois). This guy was dating me, but shortly after we dated he dated her (after I was thoroughly disgusted by him and she and I were on the outs).

Long story short, it was a weird complex situation where all three people were clearly attracted to one another, and I have to say that two girls and one guy is going to end up being no fun for somebody at some point. At least that’s my takeaway. It was either both of us doing everything for him, or one of us getting all his attention while the other one kind of just sat there.

In my opinion, threeways suck if you’re one of the two same-gendered people, even if everybody goes both ways. If you’re the middle of the sandwich, and not the bread, it’s probably awesome. I’d definitely let two guys get with me, but I’ll never do two-girls-one-guy again. It was lame.

19. No regrets, but prepare to lose friends

I’m going to keep my answer concise. I have been in the situation you are in. I chose at first not to join them. Then I changed my mind and did. It didn’t effect the friendships at first, but it did in the long run. I do not regret a thing, however. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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