18 People Reveal The Pranks They’ve Pulled That Got Way Out Of Hand


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1. Don’t mess with dad

One time I put both of the pizzas in one box and handed my dad the empty box. He told me to quit fucking around and to put it back. I did.

2/10 would not recommend that prank.

2. Got banned

A friend of mine had a tarantula. A Mexican Brown. We’re all chilling at a diner and he has it with him. He decides to put it on his burger and then calls the waitress over saying that there’s a bug in his food. Well, the waitress was carrying a huge tray of food and when she sees the spider she absolutely loses it and the tray ends up all over the floor. We got banned from the diner.

3. Changed a man’s life

Some friends and I went to throw water balloons at some girl’s birthday party and I was the get-away driver. After we threw the balloons and soaked a few people we ran back to my car. Some of the guys caught up with us and jumped on my car as I was driving away. I sped up fast enough so they wouldn’t jump off. I was going to let them off at the end of the road, but one of them decided to jump off before I slowed down. I was probably going 25 mph when he jumped off the top of the car. He ended up slapping the back of his head on the asphalt and got a concussion. He was in the hospital for a few days and I went to visit him. He ended up losing his sense of taste and smell and to this day still hasn’t completely got it back. He was always a little bit different after that too. I’m not sure if it was because of a brain injury or he just developed a more laid back carefree approach to life.

4. They thought it was a virus

I changed my mums internet explorer icon on her laptop to a .vbs with the command to open IE and then every 8 seconds the computer would type “I eat donkey balls”. I expected either she would realize I’d done it, or she would call me to fix it. I did it the day before when I knew she wouldn’t be turning it on until morning so I wouldn’t be around. She immediately drove to the store where she purchased it to see if they could fix it. They thought it was some kind of virus and tried get rid of it. They decided to reset to factory and £20 service charge later it was fixed. She still thinks it was a virus.

If you wish to perform this prank on an unsuspecting IE user then copy the code underneath into a notepad file. Save it to their desktop as a .vbs then you want to change the icon and name accordingly.

5. Made a girl drop out

A friend got in a prank war in nursing school. They decided to put a fake skeleton from their class lab into a girl’s bed while she was out one night. They hung out in the joint bathroom when they heard her come in expecting to hear her scream. She came in but no scream. After a few minutes they went into her room and turned on the light. She was lying in bed stroking the skeleton’s head with a strange look on her face. Turns out she had a nervous breakdown and had to drop out of school a short time later.

6. It went from “meh” to “whoa”

When I was about 15, I wrote a really corny love letter to my middle-aged French teacher in terrible French and signed my friend’s name. The whole thing was ridiculous – it was a direct translation so all the grammar was terrible and it had lines like “I love you more than the desert misses the rain, my sweet.” I snuck the letter into her bag and then at the end of class she grabbed my friend and told him to stay behind.

About 20 minutes of maniacal chuckling later, my friend came up to me with a confused, somewhat traumatised look on his face. It turns out that, without even mentioning the letter to him, the teacher had declared that she also had strong feelings for him. She explained how she couldn’t keep her eyes off him in class, had entertained fantasies about him and had no idea that he felt the same way, but that their relationship could go no further. My friend just stared at her in stunned silence until she eventually ushered him to leave.

7. Dead joke

A couple of friends posted on my Facebook wall saying stuff like, “RIP you were a great friend” and stuff like that. Anyways people ask what happened and they say it was a tragic accident and what not. I check my feed an hour after this started and my Facebook wall blown up with people saying they’ll miss me and stuff and thats when people started calling my mom. It went downhill from there.

8. Got lucky

Back in grade school, dumped a bunch of Sweet’N Low into a teacher’s coffee thermos when they weren’t in the room. Turns out they had an saccharine allergy, and got pretty sick.

Came clean once the manhunt started and got in some trouble, but the teacher was surprisingly good natured about it since I was only 10 or 11 at the time so I didn’t get expelled or anything.

9. Fake poop into real poop

In high school I mixed a bunch of food and drinks in a bottle during lunch to make it look like shit and dumped in a urinal in the boy’s bathroom. I told a bunch of people what I did.
10 minutes later my friend took a shit on top of the fake shit.

I was called down to the principal’s office for shitting in a urinal.

10. Her cell died

Was working at a pizza place and it was the long weekend and a girl who worked was up at the lake for the weekend. Me and the guy I was working with decided to call her and give her a bit of a scare by telling her she was suppose to be at work an hour ago. We did that and then her cell died. She drove for two hours to make it to work, and then I had to tell her I was joking.

11. Banned from Pizza Hut

I used to call my local Pizza Hut all the time asking the employees to freestyle for me for a chance to win $10,000. One day I decided to make the “game” a bit easier for them by giving them my real phone number, and a few days later tried to make a legit pizza order. Turns out, they almost banned me from Pizza Hut and refused my order for all the crank calls.

12. Don’t mess with shoes

After months of back and forth pranking I put some slices of raw liver into a colleagues shoes. He punched me. Apparently he really liked those shoes.

13. Epic. Fucking. Failure.

I’m about to win all the money with this one. Two words, poop prank.

Freshman year, South Dakota State University. My friend, R, and I had been locked in a prank battle for weeks. It almost ended with me slipping a burning piece of paper under his dorm door thinking he was inside when he was not, and almost starting a fire. A girl on our floor reported it and we both got reprimanded and warned that it ends now. Our adolescent brains decided we would prank her to get back at her.

We decided to lean two cups of shit and piss against her door and knock, when she answered, the poop would spill all over her. solid plan right? We got sufficiently drunk and got two red solo cups, and both take huge shits in them and piss in em. We then put them inside a ceiling tile to wait until nightfall. Somehow we kept postponing, and eventually forgot about the cups. For 4 days, the poo festered. The smell became undead-like. So we decide that it was too far and had to get rid of these cups. Middle of the day on a wednesday. I watched the hall while R got the cups, and brought them to the laundry room to throw away (terrible, I know).

I’m watching down the hall as R runs into the laundry room, and then hear a thud, followed by the most blood curdling scream. R runs out of the room, covered in rotten shit and piss from waist up. Literally, all over his damn face. He runs down the hall looking like a bog monster, and everyone opens their doors. Here is R, covered in feces, trying to get his shirt off and just spreading more shit all over his face. He runs into the showers and at this point its PANDEMONIUM.

Long story short, we end up having to explain the whole thing to the School Board of Residency, and get kicked out of the dorms. End of story.

14. Joke gone wrong

I met up with some friends at the mall, after a short while we go to the food court for food, obviously. As a joke I pull the chair out from a girl that goes to sit on it and she slips back, hits her head hard on the table and then the chair, and then the floor. She had gotten a small concussion and I had to pretend that it wasn’t my fault.

15. Fish food

My friend and I were screwing around in high school science class while the teacher was out of the room. I grabbed a big 32 oz cup off my teacher’s desk which I believed to be empty and jokingly hurled it toward my friend like I was going to drench him. Little did I realize the cup was full to the brim of flaky fish food. A blinding cloud of fish food filled the room. Most of it settled on the desk and I frantically swept most of it into the trash before the teacher came back. However, I missed a lot, and because the teacher was notoriously messy, his desk remained covered in a thin layer of fish food for the next 5 years or so until he died. I don’t know if he didn’t see it or simply didn’t care.

16. Literally scared the crap out of his brother

This one isn’t so bad, but it was funny when it happened. I was probably about 10, so my brother would have been 7. His bedroom and my old bedroom were right across the hall from each other. My bed was by the doorway and was longways, so I crouched on the side opposite from the door and waited for him to come down the hall. As soon as I saw him I leapt across the bed and made some kind of horrible noise. The look on his face was sheer terror. I’d gotten him. I was laughing at first, but when I looked back at him he burst into tears and ran away crying. He was so upset that he wouldn’t talk to me for a couple days.

17. Fuck that kid

There was this annoying as shit guy in college. We’ll call him Joe. Joe was somewhat friends with Mike, Yvonne, and Derrek, but mostly out of some kind of pity/humoring they had for him (I’ve mentioned Joe before in posts about what a total rich-boy fuckwit he was). I was getting real tired of Joe’s shit. And worse, he took movies way too seriously and believed aliens were among us and shit.
So it was Halloween time, I convince Mike and Yvonne to lure Joe into the woods to a spot where the swampies smoked pot. Derek and I got into position in two locations in the woods.

Derrek was waiting nearby in the trees watching the others talk to the swampies. Mike, Yvonne and Joe (who is getting freaked out by a bunch of high as fuck losers) approach the swampies, and one of them points to the moon and goes “Dude, the moon stuff you know”…the swampie wasn’t supposed to say that, he was supposed to say they saw weird ass shit in the woods and then threaten them or something.

The whole thing should’ve ended there but I guess little rich boy Joe still got freaked out by the moon, and ran into the woods. Mike and Yvonne followed. Derrek intercepted them, and since it was dark Joe couldn’t tell it was him. Well Derrek kinda froze, forgot he was supposed to do (be menacing I think, I forgot) so Yvonne thinking fast goes up to him and tells him to grab her and pretend he’s attacking her. So he does, she yells that she’s being raped, and Joe grabs Mike and tells him that they gotta go and run there’s nothing they can do for her.

Yeah, wow.

Yvonne pushes Derrek away and has him run off and goes back to the two boys and says she fought the guy off. Joe believes her. They start walking through the woods looking for a way out. But because they had initially ran into the woods at the wrong place, they were lost.

So I’m waiting at my spot in a large fur coat, wondering what’s going on, and looking for signs of movement. Suddenly there’s crashing and sloshing behind me and I turn around and lo and behold are Joe, Mike, and Yvonne. Looking very wet and dirty. Wrong direction but, whatever. It works. I start crawling and doing jerky movements while screeching scary as fuck animal noises, followed by a perfect imitation of the clicking noises of the aliens from Signs (one of Joe’s favorite movies to believe is real). Joe freak the fuck out, runs away and in the process got his backpack and clothes torn up.

I wander back to our meetup point, meet Derrek along the way, he tells me what happened. We wonder if they’re still in the woods and just on the off chance I do a high pitched and loud piercing scream (I’m a lady, so you know how we scream).

When we meet with Mike and Yvonne we learned that Joe did hear the scream and told the nearest person that was the sound of someone being raped by a werewolf or something in the woods. Good grief. We didn’t plan for a werewolf but I guess it made sense in retrospect.

Joe was still annoying as fuck after that, but he didn’t go back into the woods for years. And he told some classmates who had more brain cells and they were pissed off (we didn’t think that would happen) though they didn’t say anything. Oh and campus police did a sweep of the woods investigating allegations of people in costume committing sexual assault. We were a little worried for a while that we’d get in trouble but eventually that fear passed when nothing happened to us.

18. It was worth it

There’s this prank where you take the victim’s fast food cup and attach a ketchup packet at the end of the straw.

I pulled that prank on my brother, except I replaced the ketchup packet with a Taco Bell hot sauce packet.

After nearly throwing up, he threw the cup at me. I dodged it but it spilt on the carpet. He punched me in the ribs and kneed me in the gut. I was left in pain cleaning up the mess. I was laughing the entire time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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