17 Former Hospital Patients Reveal What It Felt Like To Be In A Coma

17 Former Hospital Patients Reveal What It Felt Like To Be In A Coma

13. Terror, fear, and evil

It was a short coma, a couple days, following a craniotomy. A lot of the dream/terror was a linear progression of time. All of the people had emotionless faces with dead eyes, no personality or life behind the eyes. Oddly, a lot of those people I saw in the terror/dream were random people from my past. An example? some guy I never talked to but often saw on campus 25 odd years ago kept popping up. I never met anyone I knew well such as friends or family and as I said no one interacted with me (Although they would look me in the eye…with their empty eyes).

I wandered down endless hospital corridors of my mind trying to get out. They were freaking long, epic hallways with locked doors. I would struggle past these random people from my life trying to find a way out of the endless, bland, white corridors. One time I got through a door that led up steps which opened onto the roof of the hospital but then I trapped on the roof with a starless night, no way off the roof and more of those soul less bit players from my life.

I also recall feeling the forces of good and evil fighting over me. I really hated that. Once, during a ‘battle’ I looked evil full in the eye in order to understand what it really was…and it was ignorance.

Hospital drugs and a damaged brain made for interesting terrors that I never want to deal with again. I wouldn’t recommend it.

14. Remembers it just like yesterday

I spent 3 months in a coma due to hitting a goal post during soccer practice. The coach had put the goals closer together for more physical contact and technique training. Their goalie had a wicked shot and could reach our goal with ease from theirs so he gave it a shot. I ran as fast as I could backwards while keeping an eye on the ball. The last thing I personally remember is thinking :”I wonder where the goal is..” and then turning my head. According to my team I ran straight into the post and flopped over like a dead fish, no reaction, nothing.

The impact of hitting the post with that speed and me turning my temple into it caused my brain to expand, they drilled a hole in my head to relieve pressure. When I awoke the doctor told me around the 2 month mark it wasn’t looking promising. Month 3 I woke up. recalling exactly how practice went. The headaches afterwards of trying to process that “yesterday” wasn’t actually yesterday but 3~ months ago were awful.

I have no recollections of any dreams during that time. Its very cliche but during my slow process of waking up my mom’s yelling still sounds like it was yesterday sometimes, I remember it very vividly.

Doctor came and told me that if I hadn’t turned my temple I wouldn’t have been there 3 months out cold, but that I was lucky to be alive. In the process I destroyed several eye nerves and the Snail shell shaped thing in your ear that keeps fluids that control your balance. It got damaged and I lost 2/3rds of the fluid. Other than a week or so of physio therapy I had no damage to my brain or memory

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