13 Statements That Cannot, In Any Way, Be Made Sexual


Found on r/AskReddit.

1. Starting off strong

I play League of Legends.

2. Ez lay

Please fill out a 1040 or 1040ez form to file your taxes.

3. That escalated quickly

Your whole family literally just got slaughtered.

4. I’m laughing really hard at this

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

5. Welp

I’ve got diarrhea.

6. Who are you calling electrons

“A Uranium atom has 6 valence electrons.”

7. Yeah…

“Let’s open the spreadsheet and look through those numbers again.”

8. 2-year-old

This is my 2-year-old daughter.

9. Poor dog

We just got our dog’s ashes back from the vet.

10. Whoops

Your car is on fire.

11. *wink*

Pass the salt.

12. Can you wink to this? No?

Your fetus has tested positive for Down Syndrome.

13. Sorry

You have been diagnosed with cancer. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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