31 Women Share The Red Flags To Identify “Crazy” Men

24. Here’s some red flags

  1. Talks A LOT about the friend zone.
  2. Obsessed with his own look, and very concerned about how you feel about the looks of other men.
  3. Talks about women in terms of bitches, hoes and/or sluts
  4. Overly clingy /needy after one date, or worse, feels that you owe him all your time after just some texts.
  5. Calls all his exes crazy.
  6. And my personal favorite. When a man feels that he has me “figured” out, or can tell me what type of person I am after one date.

25. Oops

He has absolutely no other friends besides you and is constantly available to the point of you being his #1 priority.

This is mostly creepy when you’ve only known him for a few days.

26. Ugh, really crazy

Was still living with my parents at the time, broke up with this guy. Went to my night class at college and came home to find him on the couch crying to my mom about how I broke his heart. The next week he tried to break into my car when I was leaving work.



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