31 Women Share The Red Flags To Identify “Crazy” Men

    1. The Temper! Holy shit. The littlest things set him off. And I mean SET HIM OFF. I remember walking into a restaurant/bar once and it was pretty crowded. We were seeing a movie later and running short on time. There were no seats at the bar and about a 1 hr wait for the restaurant. I suggested waiting til a couple people left the bar, going somewhere else to eat, or just waiting to eat afterwords and maybe grabbing a snack to take into the movie to tide us over. Oh boy was I wrong and those were stupid ideas. He paced around the bar, infuriated, swearing and shouting, looking for empty seats. I was mortified and terrified. He grabbed my arm and we left. All over not being able to grab a beer and some bar food before a movie. Even smaller things set him off, like dropping a fucking potato chip on the floor would be followed by him throwing a tantrum and shouting. I was afraid of him, he’d get so mad over the littlest things. And if something big happened…..fuck.
    2. Takes jokes too far. Again, this is one of those constant things. It’s one thing to tease people about things, but there are just lines you don’t cross. As I said, I was very insecure ( my own fault) but he’d tease me about stuff relentlessly and would get to saying actual mean things instead of teasing funny things. I can take a joke. Though insecure, I have a thick skin. I can take a lot of smart-assery and sarcasm. He took it like 50 times too far, daily. That and practical jokes and making jokes to strangers. It wasn’t that he lacked social filters, it was that he chose to ignore them because he found it funny. He’d openly admit he was mean, and said he enjoyed it and thought it was funny.
    3. You Can’t See Your Friends. I know have no friends. I still have my old friends but I very rarely see them. He wouldn’t let me. (Granted, I let him do this to me, but as I said being young and dumb and infatuated and insecure contributed). He’d get so angry at me if I chose to see his friends instead of him. Even if I’d invite him too. He’d get pissed and threaten to break up if I spent time with my friends. It was either sit home alone (while he went out) or be with him. Or else he’d get mad. Leading us to….



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