31 Women Share The Red Flags To Identify “Crazy” Men

7. This goes for anyone, though

Guys who want to have sex without a condom. “I’ll pull out.” or “I don’t have diseases, I swear.” are NOT convincing. I’m sorry, but you do realize that’s how people get pregnant and STDs, right? Guys who want to have sex without a condom make me instantly NOPE the fuck out of there.

8. Men can be obsessive

I knew this guy, we’ll call him Adam, in middle school, but became friends around our freshman year. We had a few classes together and would hang out after school in groups with other mutual friends, including my boyfriend at the time. One day, out of the blue, I get a text from Adam.

In this text, Adam confesses his love for me. We weren’t that close as friends, never hung out alone. I don’t believe I ever gave him a reason to think that I had those kinds of feelings for him. I tell him that while I am flattered, i don’t have the same feelings. I try to let him down easy. Adam takes it hard, he avoided me in class and stopped hanging out with our friends. after a month or so, things go back to normal.

This is where the red flags come up. I start getting flowers delivered to my house. They’re from Adam. after the 4th delivery, I call the florist and ask to stop having flowers sent to me. Then I get envelopes full of torn petals. One day, I come home and there is a box of roses on my bed. When i asked my dad if he brought them in my room for me, my dad tells me he didn’t. We check all the doors and windows, and the latch on my window is broken. Adam broke into my house. We called the cops, but with no proof of it really being Adam, nothing was really done. My older brother takes it into his own hands and threatens Adam, and things cool down for a while.

Now 7 years and a restraining order later, I still get flowers and letters sent to my parents house occasionally. All sent anonymously, but we all know its Adam.



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