21 Men Identify The Red Flags They Use To Determine If A Woman Is A “Loser”

This is building off on this post: 25 Women Reveal The One Thing That Makes Some Men Losers. You can find the original Reddit thread here. Men and women, yall both need to chill the fuck out.

1. A REAL man? Aren’t all men real?

A woman who begins a sentence with “A real man would….”

2. This is super annoying

“If you loved me you’d…”

This isn’t a damn test.

3. Keyword: Girls

  • Girls that verbally abuse their SO in public
  • Girls that try to embarrass guys that hit on them
  • Girls that use sex to make people like them
  • Girls that need to snoop
  • Girls with multiple baby daddies
  • Girls that need the group to make decisions for them

4. Gold diggers

Girls in their upper-20s and 30s that still only ever apply to part time jobs and spend the rest of the time partying despite being completely qualified and capable of landing a proper 9-5 with good pay and benefits while still complaining how they never have money for stuff. And in almost every case they are looking for a guy with solid career and good income (who they will complain can’t come out partying all the time) to sweep them up.

5. Constant hate

I’d even throw in girls that use the word, “haters” in a, “serious” tone. Using it in a joke is fine though.

6. This is not good

I know a girl that can only go 1-3 months between boyfriends. She doesn’t know how to be independent and self-sustaining, both mentally and physically.

7. That’s not going to fly

Obese and tries shaming me into finding her attractive.

8. Bad attitude

  • A “what can you do for me?” attitude.
  • Not being able to hold up their end of the conversation, or basically sitting there and expecting to be entertained.
  • Their living space looks like complete shit. I’m not a neat-freak by any stretch of the imagination, but if your room still looks like it does when you were 15 you need to reevaluate your life.
  • A general lack of self-awareness, or just an inability to recognize that their actions have consequences.
  • Being comfortable and casual is one thing, but showing up to a date in pajama bottoms is weapons-grade loser.
  • Using the pussy pass.
  • Proclaiming how much she gets along with her “friends” while tearing them down behind their backs.
  • Using sex as means to get attention.
  • Placing their sense of self-worth an getting attention from men.
  • Crying feminism when it benefits them, crying misogyny when it doesn’t.
  • Talking too much about their exes.
  • Perpetual victimhood.
  • Proclamations of “I don’t like drama.”
  • A general inability to take “no” for an answer.
  • Performing mental backflips in order to rationalize bad decision making in hindsight.
  • Being “proud” of their inability to handle basic food preparation or lack of domestic skills.
  • Wondering why they feel like shit all the time when their diet consists of mostly Cliff bars, flavored vodka, and Vitamin Water.
  • A lack of self discipline.
  • A preoccupation with what celebrities are doing with their lives.

9. Princess syndrome

  • Expects everyone else to carry her through life. Aka daddy’s little princess.
  • Complains about things and shows no interest in changing them.
  • Being 20+ and acting like 16.

10. Leeches

  • A random girl that approaches insisting that I should buy her and her friends drinks. Sorry, if that’s what you’re going to lead with, you’re probably not very interesting as a person and are a money pilfering leech. I don’t buy girls that aren’t my SO/friends drinks, anyways.
  • Women with awfully negative personalities and then blame all of the men around them for their single status. You want to know why you’re single? Because few men want someone who is a complete drag to be around 99.999% of the time.

11. It’s going to get ugly real fast

For me its a woman who’s only existence seems to be with you. She has no life outside you.

12. That’s not fair to guys

Women who, when a man finds them attractive but she doesn’t find him attractive, automatically labels him ‘creepy.’

13. A hollow shell

  • Women creating drama and whoring for attention when they’re older than 16
  • Women constantly complaining about how all the men they date are assholes
  • Women doing nothing with their lives, only existing through their trophy husband
  • Women who always present themselves as victims to justify their incapacity at being successful and interesting
  • Women having a huge amount of interest in reality TV and celebrities life
  • Women who only listen/watch the movies/music that the radio/TV feeds them. (Passive attitude with culture and information)

14. You’re their life support

If their parents pay all their bills and keep them up in a lavish lifestyle. I don’t want to become her next support.

15. Drama, drama, drama

Girls who say they don’t have many female friends because they cause drama. Almost invariably, it means they cause a shit load of drama but can’t take it when dished out to them.

16. No future

No job/career – my biggest red flag.

17. Awful, awful, awful

  • Women who are cowardly and overly dependent on others but think that acting like a bitch makes them “strong and independent”.
  • Women who treat every guy they don’t know like he must be some sort of creep even if he’s done nothing to justify it.

18. Making stupid-ass excuses

Women who use that obnoxious (and possibly misattributed) Marilyn Monroe quote about “handling them at their worst,” usually as a way to excuse their deplorable behavior and their unwillingness/inability to do something about it.

19. Super judgemental

  • Being super judgemental about people makes them a loser to me. Especially if it’s a snap judgement, or based of some preconceived notion.
  • If a girls on a high horse about everything and can do no wrong, she might as well have loser stamped on her forehead.

20. Not a good sign

A girl who has a new set of girlfriends about every six months to a year. You know that girl is going to end up being a big meanie with low self-esteem.

21. Major red flag here

“I have a long series of ex-boyfriends were assholes, abusive, alcoholics, etc…”

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