36 Hosts Reveal The Most Disrespectful Thing A Guest Has Done At Their Home

20. I punched my desk because I had this shit happen to me too

Invited a bunch of friends for my birthday when I was 8, everyone went downstairs to eat the cake except one guy. I went back upstairs to go and fetch him and saw the motherfucker searching in the box where I had all my games, he told me he was just looking if I had any game he could borrow, which was fine by me if he asked.

I told him to come down, thinking nothing of it. Sure as hell that night I couldn’t find my favourite game: pokΓ©mon silver (still the best one imo). Told my parents, they told his mom, who was spoiling him and told us that her little angel would never do something like that. It’s been almost 12 years and I still despise the little shit.

Karma strikes back because he’s now a dumb motherfucker with no education, doing shit terrible paying jobs.

21. Please don’t do this

Invite other people that I didn’t really know over without asking me if it was okay.

22. Fuck meth

Roommate’s friend came to visit and left meth dust all over my bathroom counter after tweaking the fuck out one weekend. Moved out the next month. Fuckin tweakers.

23. What a classy lady

Haha got a few. All from my mother in law!

  1. at my older daughters birthday party told all the guests that our younger daughter was not my husbands child, and was the product of an affair. I’ve never cheated.
  2. stole clothes from my older daughters closet. Same party. Stole from her. On her birthday. During her party.
  3. after one of my c sections she stole my percocets. When I confronted her she said that her headache was far worse than my little scratch and she needed more. She stole 7 of them.
  4. denies that our older daughter is autistic, doesn’t follow house rules, repeatedly aggravating my daughter to the point of self harm.
  5. when allowed to visit has the balls to ask… Why we never let her visit?

24. Wow, fucked that guy up good

This is back in ’97. Allowed a friend who was going to be homeless move into my house, use my computer to chat on MIRC with chicks, and then after about 3 months I found child porn on my computer.
Destroyed my computer and then destroyed his face. Haven’t talked to him since but from what I hear from other people he still can’t see correctly out of left eye.



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