33 People Reveal The One Offensive Thing That A Mean-Spirited Stranger Said To Them

Can you believe just how mean people are in real life? Sometimes, it’s worse than you’d see online, particularly because they have the balls to say to your face. That really, really hurts, doesn’t it? These have been collected from this Reddit thread. Check more of them out there. You end up questioning how awful people can be and if it’s even worth saving humanity.

1. Holy crap, what a bitch

I was at a club with friends. I don’t usually go out, I’m not a club person. I saw a pretty girl, asked her if I could buy her a drink.

“You’re not hot enough to talk to me.”

I left the club, haven’t been to one since.

2. They sound like assholes

I was 15, and dealing with standard teenage girl woes. I also had a portion of the back of my head shaved, not bald, but fuzzy.

I was working at a craft store and I had a bride-to-be and her mother come to my till with various candleholders. They tried to pay with a “buy one get one free” coupon, despite having 50+ items.

I explained that the item only worked on one item and you got one free. The bride threw an epic tantrum and her mother stopped her and put a hand on her shoulders and said “Don’t worry honey, she looks like a boy from the back and ugly from the front.”

I cried in the back room. The comment still bothers me.

3. “Thieves think everyone steals”

I was like 8 or so and going on a trip with my family. While going through airport security some guy emptying his pockets accidentally dumped a shit ton of coins everywhere. I started to pick them up and as I was about to hand them to him he snagged them from my open palm and scolded me for taking things that weren’t mine.

4. Boom. You’ve been #babied

I also have a similar story. When I was also 8 my mom and I were shopping for baby clothes for a baby shower and I was a few rows away from my mom with several outfits on my arm. Some woman that doesn’t work there comes up to me and tells me I better put those back or else. I just look at her and say, “You’re a stranger, you don’t talk to me,” and kept on doing my thing and she just left all flustered. My mom saw it go down and was a proud mama.

5. People fucking do this?

It wasn’t to me, but about me, and I heard. Some lady at the beach bent down to who, I assume, is her daughter, and said, “I hope you don’t turn out like him.” (I know she meant me by him because she tried to discreetly point to me.)

I flipped her off after hearing this.

I’m in a wheelchair. But I have a perfect GPA and great friends, so my life rocks aside from the wheelchair.

6. Great, thank you for pointing that out to me

“Take a look around you, I think you’re a little different than everyone else here.”

I’m an adopted Korean that grew up in a (nearly) all white farm town until college.

7. That’s really fucked up

I was a freshman in college and feeling very out my element. I was a relatively fat nerdy depressed girl in a rural college and felt out of place because of it. It was a relatively small program so I had nearly the same people in all my classes. It was something like 6 months in and I seemed to get along ok with everyone.

After class one day, I asked a classmate what if we were assigned any homework in Physics the day before as I had missed it. She stopped, looked at me and said “You know no one likes you, right?” And walked away.

That hurt. It still fucking hurts. I thought that we were adults and had left this high school shit behind us. I realized that I wasn’t ‘friends’ with my classmates. I wasn’t invited to their parties and the like, but I didn’t think they actively disliked me. After this comment I did. It really made me self conscious and withdraw even deeper into myself.

8. What just happened?

I was in the English town of Ipswich a couple of years ago enjoying a sausage bap, leaning against a wall about twenty feet from the entrance of a bank. When an old man, assisted by a cane in each hand, walked over to me and started yelling and poking me in the chest.

“That’s right you fat useless fuck keeping stuffing your fucking face I hope you fucking choke!” I was in complete shock and I said. “Well you can fuck the right off.” (sadly not the greatest comeback) He chuckled and tottered off presumably to ruin some other persons day.

9. Isn’t this a good thing

I just realised that I’m so average looking that no stranger has ever been rude to me.

10. Ouch, right to the heart

I was sitting outside enjoying the sunshine and some group of girls walked past me and one said, “Eewww,” and they all laughed as they walked past.

11. Showed that bitch up good

I did gymnastics from age 6 to 18, competitively from 10 on, but I was never a “skinny” girl or “built” for gymnastics. I was always tall and chubby when young. I worked my butt off though because it was my passion.

At a meet when I was 13 or 14, one of the coaches for another competitor walked by me and over to a lady (I’m assuming one of the girl’s mothers) and said quite clearly “I wonder if that one is a water girl. She probably couldn’t score an 8 to get another piece of cake.” And they both laughed while looking at me.

I came in 1st on beam and vault that day and 2nd all-around. After awards ceremony, I went directly to the lady who said the rude comment and said, “I like chocolate cake, but, since I did so well, send a sheet of Red Velvet to my gym for everyone to share,” and walked away.

12. Ugh, what’s up with those responses?

Was running with a friend of mine with a similar name. A cute girl walks by and greets my friend by name. Unfortunately since I was ahead and was closer upfront I said hi back. She replied with, “Ew.” Bitch.

13. That’s really, really awful. Damn kids

I thought of this because I’ve recently started eating much healthier and it reminded me of a time I was driving home when a truck full of guys pulled next to me at the stop light when they all shouted “You’re fat!” At me and made pig noises at me as they pulled away. In hindsight they were just a bunch of kids trying to get a reaction out of me, but it still bothers me to this day for some reason.

14. People need to really chill out

The other night at my job a customer’s debit card would not work. They kept insisting it was my fault and I was obligated to serve them their food for free. I disagreed after a few minutes of repeatedly trying their card. The lady started screaming at me, telling me I’m “a fucking loser, and should get a real job.” She then proceeded to throw her soda at me.

15. Incompetent parents seem to be everywhere these days

This little brat ran up to my boyfriend and then told him something like “She’s a bitch, don’t ever marry her, ever man! She’s weird, just dump her!”

This kid was about 7 or 8, I’d never seen him or his mother in my life! I wasn’t even from that area so I have no idea what the hell crawled up his ass. His mom was just some white trash bimbo hanging around in the laundromat puffing away on cigarettes and laughing her ass off.

I told her she’s doing a great job raising her child, and at this rate she’d better start saving up that bail money.

16. I get that she wanted a nice vacation, but wow, she’s got a stick lodged up her ass

Not a stranger, but a friend’s mom:

They took me on vacation with them so their daughter would have someone to hang out with. I ended up catching a stomach bug my parents had the week before and I pressed on through every day activity even though I felt awful and ended up sick every night by myself while everyone slept.

I slept in one morning and as I was getting up to meet everyone at the pool, I was confronted by my friend’s mother who decided to inform me:

“I don’t know what to do with you. If I could send you home I would cause you’re ruining our vacation.”

17. Scwhing

Was at the bar with a friend and over heard a couple eavesdropping on our conversation and making fun of it.

I just said loud, “Date must be going pretty shitty if you’ve got nothing else to talk about don’t you think?” and glanced over.

They kind of just tried to look away in embarrassment. I would occasionally look over and lock eyes with one of them and see them look away really fast. After about 20 minutes of this they left, and they were completely silent the rest of that time.

18. It’s the eye contact

If a stranger ever insults you in public simply pause, stare them in the eyes, and then with a look of concern ask, “You seem very insecure about something is everything ok?”

Done correctly, (don’t allow yourself to show a reaction before answering) it should surprise the shit out of anyone.

19. Stomp on it and then pull out your knife and ask him if he values his life

“These shoes are worth more than your life.”

Said after bumping into some prick. It bothers me how little someone could value human life.

20. Just. In. Shock.

Had a lady come up to me at the mall and tell me ,”Your skin looks horrible, you should really go to a dermatologist.” The worst part was that she kept harassing me and it made me feel even worse because although I had gone before, I couldn’t afford the medication.

21. They accepted Jesus Christ, but apparently, not mathematics into their lives

I was a waitress in college at a family restaurant. If you’ve ever waited tables, you’re probably familiar with the church crowd rush. For those not familiar, the church crowd rush is the busiest time of the week, full of some of the rudest people and worst tippers. On this particular day, I was working a double and was nearing the end of my shift when my last table was sat. These people ordered waters, lots of lemons, and extra sugar packets (to make their own lemonade), requested tons of free bread with extra butter and constantly had me running around for extra something. Anyways, they ordered their meals and extra sides, so I rang them up as meals with three sides to saved them about $2 per meal. When the check came, I explained this to the matriarch of the table. She didn’t understand it and demanded I take off the “extra charges” and ring it up as they ordered it. She told me that if I couldn’t even get a receipt right I probably couldn’t do much else right and would never amount to anything, which is why I was a server to begin with. I walked away, rang up the receipt the way she wanted it (which was an extra $8), dropped it off and said, “Here you go, I rang it in the ‘right’ way rather than the smart way.” I refused to change it back.

22. What a fucker

Some guy commented on my breast size to my face, saying I couldn’t breastfeed my children since I don’t have DD’s.

Funny thing is I have already had a kid and my mammary glands did just fine producing milk. Idiot.

23. Protip: Do not insult computer technicians

A lady thought she put me on hold and I heard all the crap she started talking about me while I was helping her get logged into the computer. “I’m dealing with this idiot from IT.” “Guy doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

Normally this kind of thing wouldn’t bother me, but for whatever reason I was in a bad mood the rest of the day.

24. Are you serious? What the fuck

I was walking at Macy’s near the perfume section. There was a lady spraying some samples to these two teenage girls. After they left I went up too because I wanted to smell pretty. As soon as she saw my little brown face, the lady said, “Ugh,” and went behind the desk to arrange stuff. I start to walk away and about two seconds later, she runs up to this group of white girls and tells them of the amazing product. I was the saddest little Mexican girl in the mall after that moment.

25. This made my blood boil

I was working at a Sonic a few years back taking an order. Now the guy ordering was screaming at the speaker and I couldn’t understand a word he was saying. After asking him to repeat himself a couple times, he got out of his car and walked into the store. He looked at me and said, “I bet if I spoke Mexican you’d understand me you spic!” It hurt me alot for some reason and I still think of it from time to time.

26. If someone said this to me, their legs would be swept from under them

While speaking Spanish with my mom, some dude interrupted our conversation and told us to speak English.

27. No fucking way…

I was standing behind a pretty big, pretty unattractive girl at a club in London. The bouncer was being a prick and letting everyone in before us. After about an hour she complained that it wasn’t fair. The bouncer pulled a small mirror (I think it was a woman’s compact) from his breast pocket and held it up to her face. He said, “Would you let you in??” She burst into tears and left. I’ve lived my life trying to be that guys opposite.

28. Mothers like that send the perfect message to not be like the total fucks they are

I was working to pay my way through university when a woman approached me at my job (I had a job gathering carts for Wal-Mart). I Was pushing a line of carts into the store when the woman and her son walked up to me. She then pointed me and said “This is why we stay in school.” To this day, I still get angry because of that obscene comment.

29. What possesses people to be so…mean?

When I first started working for a supermarket I was 19, recently moved back in with my parents, and had a horrible case of acne which never went away until I turned 21. I started out working as a bagboy as you might imagine. One day I was helping a particularly nasty old woman in her 80s, possibly I do know she needed help with her cart and groceries though, taking her groceries to her car. I tried being nice, talking to her, and when we reached her car she just said “God you’re one ugly son of a bitch.” I responded with, “I just started taking medication to try to work with my obvious acne issue.” Her response? “Good. No one likes you with that face.”

I put her cart a few cars down from hers, left it, and went back inside. A rude cunt like that can handle her own groceries.

30. Don’t put up with anyone’s racist shit

I had been waiting at a taxi stand alone, for twenty minutes waiting on a cab. Three young black women walk up, and a few minutes later a cab turns the corner.

They start moving a step at a time closer to the street. I realized they were going to try to take the cab, so as it neared, I walked into the street and up to the door. As I got in I heard one of the girls yell “It’s a white cab for a white bitch like you.” I responded with “I’d rather be a white bitch, than a racist piece of shit.” Got in the cab and drove off. Completely rude.

31. This is something a friend of mine would say and he has no filter whatsoever

My boyfriend and I were buying condoms at the store, and as we are leaving the aisle, some woman says that it is a good thing we are using protection “because of your weight, you’d likely die during childbirth.” What the fuck.

32. Did you even know him?

I was at a luncheon following my grandfather’s funeral. My cousins and I were all in middle school and high school and were rubbing the rims of water glasses to make them “sing” because our grandpa had just died and we hadn’t had any fun in days. This lady we didn’t recognize came over to us and said “What would your grandfather do if he saw you acting like that?” Luckily, just then one of my uncles walked by and answered her with “He would probably join them!” I love my family.

33. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

” Your mom doesn’t love you and that is why she killed herself.”

My mom died when I was 8. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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