32 Employees Expose Their Employers’ Secrets And They Will Disgust You

The following entries have been collected from users on Reddit about their respective workplaces… Thought Catalog has not verified the veracity of their claims, but has collected the more interesting points of the conversation happening over on Reddit. Head over to the post for more.

1. Secrets to eating “fresh”

I work at subway and one of our greatest secrets is if you ask one of our “Sandwich Artists” to microwave your cookie, we’ll do it. Ask for 5 seconds and you’ll have a perfectly warmed, soft, and delicious cookie.

2. So malt chocolate tastes like SlimFast?

I worked at TCBY one summer. We had these SlimFast shakes that a bunch of ladies would come in every day for. To make them you’d mix SlimFast powder in with frozen yogurt and it was supposed to curb their hunger/give them nutrients etc.

For that entire summer, I mistook a tub of chocolate malt powder for SlimFast. It wasn’t until one of my last weeks that I noticed the error. Those ladies didn’t lose an ounce of weight from what I could tell.

Sorry fat ladies. Hope the fall was brighter.

3. FAA allows cell phone use now

I work for an airline. Your cell phone is not going to make me fly in the wrong direction.


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