26 Fads That Somehow Manage To Get People Absolutely Furious

Fads come and go — thank goodness — but some of them stick around and are here to stay. Or sometimes, they stick with us because of how traumatizingly bad they were. If you need more therapy, check this Reddit thread out for more.
image - Flickr / Joe Hall
image – Flickr / Joe Hall

1. Bronies


We get it. There’s a cartoon you like. You don’t have to identify through the lens of the fucking cartoon. I liked the wire but I didn’t start carrying around a plastic gun and quoting Omar every 15 fucking seconds.

The worst is every time anyone says anything anti brony they are like “I don’t get why people hate bronies for liking something you don’t like.”

We don’t hate that, we hate YOU. People who like House don’t carry a cane around and diagnose people.

Christ, the fact that I know the word “Clopping” is enough.

2. Stoner gear

Marijuana clothing, and no I’m not referring to clothing made of hemp, I’m talking about clothing with the marijuana leaf all over it.

3. Social Anxiety

People glorifying social anxiety. It’s really not funny or cute.

4. No one thought Urkel was cool

Nerd culture.

It’s great to accept it, it’s great to be yourself, but stop trying to be something you aren’t because uncool is now cool.

5. She added an “r” to “band” because she’s a r…..esponsble young woman…

Wearing a ‘Ramones’ top without ever having heard a Ramones song.

I went up to a girl in college and asked her how long she’s liked the Ramones and asked her what her favourite song was. She told me I was stupid as ‘Ramones’ is a brand, Not a band.

6. I won’t put the song up, for your sake

I hated the whole Harlem Shake fad. I remember my office organized one and it was one of the cringiest things I’ve ever seen.

7. Stop feeding me

Obesity. America did it first and now other countries like Mexico and Australia are just trying to copy us. Get your own fads!

8. Real men cut their pockets open themselves

Faux pockets on women’s clothing.

9. I still see this

When I was in highschool it was a fad among the “gangster” and “cool” girls to wear little Dora the Explorer, Spongebob, and other cartoon backpacks. Totally unnecessary, and it couldnt even fit any books..

10. We all know that children on Tumblr need some sort of help…

Romanticising mental illnesses, anorexia, abusive relationships. What the fuck teenage angsty tumblr people? Suicide is not beautiful. Pictures of wrists with half healed cuts with a vintage filter are not pretty.

11. Now they are currently heads of their respective departments

Back in middle school many of my classmates were drinking the ink from gel pens.

Let me repeat that. They were drinking the ink from gel pens.

12. Vagina ears, ya’ll

Oversized gauges.

Want to gauge them a little bit? Sure. But the second that I can stick a banana through your earhole, you’re a fucking moron.

13. Can you detox too hard that your liver becomes a blackhole

Detox diet that involves drinking lemon juice, olive oil, milk of magnesia and whatnot. The moms are still falling for it in my town. Please, your healthy liver does the job just fine…

14. It’s so time-consuming

Bitsrips – but I think it’s over now.

15. As a person who wears corrective lenses, fuck you wannabes

Wearing fake glasses.

16. Just FYI, Samsung is a Korean brand

Fuckin’ weeaboos.

We get it, you like Japanese culture. Just stop fuckin’ cosplaying to your classes. Stop saying “desu” after sentences with emphasis on the “u” (it’s silent you dumbass).

Probably the worst encounter I’ve had was when some moron insisted that she was supporting Japanese culture because she had a Samsung phone and then kept insisting that Samsung was Japanese.

17. And he was the best character

Planking. The only plank I ever enjoyed was in Ed Edd & Eddy.

18. No one knows to this day

I guess a lot of you will be too young to remember it, but in the late 90s visors were popular. The visor fad took 3 forms, listed here in order of increasing stupidity and irritation factor:

1) Visor

2) Visor worn backwards

3) Visor worn upside down and backwards. WTF was up with that. Can a former upside down + backwards visor wearer please reply with justifications for this.

19. It looks weird when your hat starts getting stained from your greasy-ass head

Stickers on hat bills.

20. Yes, please stop pretending

The pseudo-intellectual fad. No, you’re not smarter than everybody else because you lack the discipline to set a bed time for yourself. You’re not a scientist because you repost quotes from Bill Nye and Degrasse. You’re not an engineer because you’ve taken all of two semesters of undergraduate courses in college.

21. What do you identify with?

The tumblr girl fad. Everything about it is pretty awful IMO. Body positive pansexual doctor who nutella self-harm crap. I really have a hating towards those type of people and I’m sure most are okay people but still, doesn’t change the fact that they’re one of them.

22. You sound like my girlfriend


They are extremely annoying. I’ve met them, and they’re the “quirky, so random, penguin of doom” types. One of them even wore a bowtie all the time.

Even though My Little Pony is said to have the worst fanbase of all time, the extent of seeing bronies in public, for me, has been one person wearing a pony shirt. Of course, that’s just my experience, but all in all Whovians seem more vocal. I’ve attempted to watch both shows and I simply can’t understand the obsession with them. However whereas MLP had decent animation and some sort of childish charm I cannot find any likeable qualities in Doctor Who… Terrible acting, pretentiousness and awful storylines are the most noticeable traits, and while some people do watch shows simply because they’re trainwrecks it truly astounds me that people watch Doctor Who completely seriously without an ounce of irony.

There is probably something I’m missing, something that draws so many fans in, but I attempted to watch some of the recommended, famous, beloved episodes and there was nothing above average and many things below. It was boring.

23. The man has a point

The sudden fascination/obsession with bacon. it’s always been great, why is it such a huge thing now?

24. Please shave

Scrappy beards. They never look clean. Groomed facial hair is fine, but when it’s just run amok, I sense crumbs and dried saliva. And strongly worded manifestos.

25. Beard couture

Beard Culture, guys who carry an assortment of oils combs and gadgets to maintain a little bit of hair on their face are ridiculous.

I guess they need something to go with their cool cigarettes and pleather jackets that they bought for SXSW.

26. Seriously, people. Vaccinate yourselves AND your children. Fucking weirdos, I swear

The anti-vaccine thing. I refuse to call it a ‘movement’ with the hope it passes quickly. The hospitals I work in are warning people to wear masks and be alert about whooping cough and measles. I thought measles was nearly eradicated in the US until this year. As soon as someone says vaccines cause autism or whatever bullshit they lose 80% of their credibility. Those vaccine were created for a very good reason. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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