23 Bartenders Reveal Their Dive Bar Horror Stories

3. I regret this decision

It was a busy Friday and a guy was going around making clumsy passes at every woman in the bar. Me and a bouncer walk up to him and inform him that it is time to leave. He agrees and walks outside of the bar. We asked him if he needed a cab he said no and walked across the street to the seven eleven. Fast forward about twenty minutes, I hear a loud crash and look to the front door and the dude has punched through the window. The window didn’t shatter, he punched a nice round hole through it and had his arm up to the shoulder in the hole. He pulled his arm out and in the process he cut all of the tendons and arteries in his armpit. Thank god one of the bouncers was in school to be a paramedic. Tied the arm off, called an ambulance and they took him away. He came back a couple months later and informed us that he had lost the use of the arm and may never regain any functionality. He thanked the bouncer, and then wrote a cheque for the window. That’s the worst thing I’ve seen working in the industry, but I’ve got plenty more.

4. A beast once fought in here once…

I’ve been a bartender for about 10 years now. I usually work at dive bars but I’ve had my stints at fine dining establishments. I think the absolute worst thing I’ve ever had the inopportune chance of coming across happened at downtown Nashville at an unnamed bar on Broadway. I had just gone downstairs to change out a keg since the barback was upstairs opening up standalone beer cooler for a ‘Beer Goddess’. As I’m coming back up the stairs a body flies -through- the door I’m about to open into the wall to my right. (It’s like a small landing at the top of the steps with the door to the left.)

The man that was just rocketed through the door was my 6’7″ 250 lb bouncer named Jared. He stands back up and rushes back out the door. While I was gone, this Hungarian monster of a man had knocked out 4 patrons, 1 bouncer, and was holding his own against 6 others. I’ve seen a lot of bar fights in my time, but this man would NOT go down, eventually the cops showed up – but this man unarmed, took on tasers, threw a cop through a window, took a metal baseball bat to the ribs, and law enforcement grade mace to the face.

Eventually he did finally go down, but not before stripping all of his clothes off, doing a body drop on the top of the police cruiser, and masturbating against a female officer.

Turns out he was on speed, PCP, and bath salts. His wounds consisted of 9 broken ribs, fractured orbital, leg broken in 4 places, and his hands were broken in multiple places.

He put the original bouncer I mentioned in the hospital, and 2 cops were hospitalized as well.

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