23 Bartenders Reveal Their Dive Bar Horror Stories

Bartenders face the worst kind of people — drunks. Head over to this Reddit thread for more examples. Don’t drink and be a prick.
image - Flickr / Weekly Dig
image – Flickr / Weekly Dig

1. Plot twist

So I was working one Saturday night and this guy staggers up to the bar and slurs out the words “can I have a scotch and coke”, he seemed really drunk so I told him he should have a glass of water and we will see.

I was preparing for some shitty excuse, But he just says “I talk like this, because I have cerebral palsy”

2. That did not end up as well as it should’ve

I was in the process of closing up the bar. It was Thursday so there was basically just me and the cooks at 11pm. This blonde lady in her mid thirties walks in with a strut and orders a long island. She has a couple and then out of the blue tells me her little girl was raped by her boyfriend and that he’s in jail now but she still loves him. She goes on like this for a while.

Now, at this point I can tell she had had a few before arriving at the bar and is getting kinda gushy. Flirting with the line cook in his pepper pants and such. I asked if she was driving and she said she was walking. I offered to get her a cab and she said she lived close and would be fine. I figure if she’s on foot she can’t get into too much trouble.


Got a call the next day from the police saying she was found in the middle of the street about 4 blocks away and had been run over. My manager was a dick about it and immediately started grilling me about how many drinks I had served her. I could have sworn it was only 2 plus the super watered down one I had given her at the end. I felt terrible until I was questioned by the police and they said they expected she laid down in the street on purpose. I decided to work breakfast after that.

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