40 People From The Internet Reveal An Unexplainable Moment From Their Lives

I slowly calm down, open a beer, open another beer, and convince myself it was somehow just the truck “settling” after the rough drive and the noise was “in my head”. It’s way to early to try staying awake until daylight, and I’m not going home, so nothing to do but forget about it and get some sleep. Settle back in, have some chuckles from the movie, drift off…

KNOCK. KNOCK. KNOCK. Someone is knocking on the window by my head. I open my eyes and it’s brighter out than I expect. My first thought is I have overslept, it’s morning, and someone is knocking on my truck window because… ? I am so sure someone is standing outside the door of the truck, I open it slowly so as not to smack them with it.

It is bright out, but only because the moon is now shining directly on that side of the truck. It’s not morning, and there isn’t anyone there. Somehow, until that moment I had forgotten about the shenanigans from earlier in the evening. When I suddenly remembered them, every fiber of calm in my body tried to evacuate directly out my tightly clenched rectum.

I instantly threw everything I had taken out of the truck into the bed, jumped in, and drove out. Spent three hours driving around, drinking coffee, listening to the radio, waiting for daylight. Obviously never camped there again, and even when I go near that spot at high noon I get creeped the fuck out.

40. [deleted]

when I was young I would see faceless, formless people peeking around corners and looking at me until I turned my head to look at them. I only ever saw them as a blurry outline in the periphery of my eyes, but their movement and shape were unmistakably humanoid.

This would happen often, however I noticed it a lot more when I was alone.

One day I decided to play a game with one of them, who would duck away every time I looked. So I would turn away and try to catch it unaware as it began to peek back out again.
Every time I looked away longer it would get bolder, peeking out further and further until I could see a shoulder, a torso, a leg shuffle out. And eventually it would step out entirely and watch me through the doorway.

At this point, i smiled and knew there was no way it could hide in time, so I whipped my head across to look at it and saw something that resembled a emaciated flesh morph suit.
I would rather put this down to active imagination, because some things shouldn’t be explained. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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