40 People From The Internet Reveal An Unexplainable Moment From Their Lives

28. ccnova

When my wife and I were on our first date, the key to her car disappeared. Seriously, we couldn’t find it for about half an hour. All of a sudden, while I was searching under the car, I heard a “tink” and there it was. We still don’t know how it even came off the key ring.

29. noizes

We had recently moved into our house and my brother and I where sharing a room, even had bunk beds. It was a basement room and lacking carpet made it perfect for “it’s your guys duty to deal with the puppy at night”.

One night shortly after heading to bed the pup starts to whimper a little bit. Thinking nothing really of it I roll over and put my hand down to pet him. He whimpers a bit more and I assume it caught my brothers attention. Causing him to look over too.

Why the dog started whimpering became rather clear. There was a large blue ‘person’ standing in our room. It was kind of see through but lit. It gave the impression that it was taller and larger than it was. It shouldn’t have been able to stand in our room yet it clearly was. The proportions where off a bit too. The hands went down to his knees and the shins seemed longer too. I remember watching it and getting the feeling it was looking at me. It turned around and walked away. It seemed to take forever and in slow motion. It walk through the open door, across the hall and stopped for a second before it continued walking right out the basement wall.

Once it was gone I asked my brother if he saw something, he said that he had and before he could start talking about it I told him to go tell his story to our parents before I did. I wanted to know that I hadn’t given him details or altered his view. Naturally our parents both thought we made it up before we talked to them. Still the fact remains that we both saw the same blue person thing walk out of our room and through a basement wall.

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