One Day You Will Meet Him, I Promise

Larm Rmah
Larm Rmah

You meet thousands of people, but often only “fall in love” with a few. If you are fortunate to claim more than that, right on, but I believe the number is scarce for a reason. Some of us are lucky enough to fall in love with the right person the first time, and we may spend the best years of our lives with them, then drift apart. Others have fallen in love with the broken people, who gave you the greatest lessons of your life and also the greatest grief you can endure.

They all come into your life to stay for a while, to leave, or to remind you of what life is about because there is no such thing as the right time, or the right moment. There is no such thing as not knowing what you want, because when we want something and I mean want it, desire it, you make it HAPPEN.

You look for what it needs to work, you sacrifice your time and your needs for them, you do all you can that’s within your reach so that they are happy, regardless of the time you’ve been together, regardless of the struggles you’ve had in the past, and you love them for every thing they never loved themselves for. That’s what real love is, that is what you should fall in love with.

That takes maturity though, and if you are used to broken people this is something you have not experienced yet, even for a short period of time. Not all relationships should leave you broken, they are meant for you to grow from them, to discover yourself with someone you admire, to teach each other things about the world, and if life gets in the way to move on from the rubble knowing that you tried for something, you tried more than once and didn’t give up until they gave you a reason to. One day though, when these tides of chaos have turned over, you will fall in love again.

This time you will fall in love, and I mean really fall into love. I know you might think that you think the pieces of your heartbreak are living proof that you were once in love with him but it’s not. It’s not in the slightest bit compared to how you will love him. How he will love you, and how he will make you feel wanted. How you won’t have doubts about yourself anymore because you’ve spent so much time alone it was enough to love yourself. How he will reassure you you are not dreaming.

How you will wake up next to him and a surge of happiness will embody your soul.
How you will laugh at the guys who made you feel unwanted, and made you actually think twice about your beauty. It is then that you will thank God for praying every night for this feeling again, because when you finally fall in love, and I mean for real, it won’t be fleeting. It won’t be fickle. It will be great. He will be great.

And that’s what love is. Love is a great thing. Loving is a great feeling, and if once or twice you get the unprecedented chance to feel “in love” take it.
Own it on your sleeves, in your heart, and take it as a reminder of how it feels to be human.

Take all the chances you must because one day when you find the right person you will look back and thank all the people who were incapable of loving you. You will look back with glory and lessons, and thank yourself for still loving them despite their brokenness, because now somebody loves you indescribably for yours. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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