You’re Allowed To Begin Again

woman in cornfield
Allef Vinicius

New beginnings.

It’s just two words, but together they make me believe in the beauty of hope, of the future, of starting over.

In starting over, you could let go of the remains of who you were in the past. You get to leave behind the things that weigh you down. You get to start fresh and go about your day without anything holding you back, whether that’s a person or a wrong decision.

In starting over, you get to have a choice. You can choose freely who you really want to be this time. You get to decide for yourself, without anyone dictating how you have to live your life or how you should pick your decisions.

In starting over, you’re given the privilege to live your life one more time in a way that can redeem yourself from your past mistakes. It’s a new chance to make yourself better. New beginnings take you one step closer to becoming the person you always aimed to be.

In starting over, you get to find the reasons why things have to end. You get to find the good in goodbyes, the blessings in endings, and the wonders in getting lost.

The beauty of it all, in starting over, is that you will learn that settling should not be an option. It should not even be your last resort, you should not even consider it.

The thing with starting over is that it depends entirely on you. No matter how much people force you to do so, if your soul does not want to, there is no use. At some point, you have to decide to stop being sad, hurt, or miserable. So get up and start today.

Anytime is a great time to start over. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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