The Brutal Truth Is, You’re Not Worthy Of My Love


I’m not sure which I’m better at – loving or leaving. I immediately left because I respect your need for time and if you love someone, you will give them whatever they need regardless of your capacity.

But then I realized, you do not deserve a single space on my universe. Maybe if you stayed true to your words, I would say you were worthy… but you are not.

You want to tag yourself as someone who spreads love and positivity but you could not even practice what you preach. And oh, you talk about yourself A LOT and A LOT MORE. You make all conversations about you. It’s so tiring.

You made me feel like my pain was invalid and I knew from then that you could not handle me at my worst times. But guess what, like a crazy person, I held on to you in hopes of the possibility that things between us would still work out. It didn’t.

I don’t care about the physique of a person. It meant nothing to me. I want to know more of you on the inside but as I dig deeper, I figured out that you are empty. All you have is the outside and got nothing to offer on the inside.

How can you claim that you love someone so much and later crush them in a way you said you never would? And how can you go on without feeling a bit of a pang of what you have just lost? Because it does not make sense. It does not make sense to me at all. I needed to move away from everyone else just to give my heart the proper healing its due. But to you, it was just nothing.

How can your mouth utter the words sure and true if you keep jumping from one point to another? How will your present believe you if you said the exact same words you told me? It’s fake love, darling. And you will never know how much damage it will cause people. You will never know how much damage it caused me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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