The Hurt That We Are All Familiar With

Why, universe, do some people have to be a huge impact, an owner of most memories and a vital part of my life before they would be pulled away from me?

I don’t understand…

Or maybe I’m just afraid to know why.

Attachment is something I try so hard to avoid but always end up failing. I avoid it because it what makes losing so difficult, so painful and so destructive. I knew from a fact that people just come and go in our lives and we have to accept that; we have to be completely okay with it. But everything is just easier said than done – getting rid of attachment to people included.

Seeing them leave, particularly those who have grown close to me, is already painful. What more if you know exactly that you are left with no choice but to watch them walk away? Without having the chance to say something?

Beau Taplin once said that some goodbyes are not ends but releases. Either way, it would still hurt like fucking hell.

There are some things we can’t change and some things that we can – And getting attached to people that will eventually leave is not one of those things that we can change. Because if they will leave or not, it’s not ours to say; it’s not in our control. It’s either we let them all in or completely detach ourselves from them. It’s all about how much risk you are willing to make and how much pain you think you can endure.

After all, it will only depend on you. Are those people going to be your home, your holiday or your hell? Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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