Tulip Tides

Alisa Anton
Alisa Anton

I want to open, blossom like a flower

And then all the rot that has built up from the past will be exposed.

beautifully looped edges

Filled with disfigured and battered grot.

And I’ll scrape it out with my finely manicured fingers decorated with rings and things

fistfuls of mistakes, the things that made my skin thicket spattered on the ground.

And then I’ll wash my hands and close up my flowered soul petal by petal.

I’ll make myself a bud again.

I’ll be young and wayward,

curved and new.

Full of life without having lived it

Ready for my first sunrise,

my first kiss

first heartbreak

knowing to appreciate it this time around.

And I’ll walk away as if I’ve always been this way, this free. Light as a feather.

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