Why Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type Is Good In Bed

ESTP: They have an intuitive knowledge of what feels good combined with the skill and stamina to win an olympic sex event. Bang at your own risk.

ISFP: Their intense focus on making you feel comfortable, appreciated and desired will cause you to lose absolutely all your inhibitions – which always makes for the best sex.

ISTP: They have an intuitive understanding of what feels incredible to both parties, combined with an ongoing desire to analyze, improve upon and one-up their own skills.

ENFP: They are always down to try something new, unconventional and exciting – particularly if they know that it will please you.

INFP: They have imaginations so sensual and wild that they can probably make you get off using only their words.

INTJ: They see their partner’s pleasure as a challenge to rise to, and are constantly looking for new ways to improve their technique.

INFJ: They are willing to try anything and everything that may please their partner – no matter how outside-the-box.

ENTP: They are extremely sexually adventurous and never want to do it the same way twice.

INTP: They are open to any and all strange fantasies and are completely non-judgmental of their partners desires.

ENFJ: They put their partner’s needs first in the bedroom and refuse to rest until both parties have been thoroughly taken care of.

ENTJ: They are unexpectedly kinky and creative lovers, who aren’t afraid to take charge in the bedroom.

ISFJ: They are constantly picking up on little things you like in the bedroom and will work hard to perfect their approach to them.

ESFJ: They are only happy if you are and will place 110% of the focus in the bedroom on you.

ISTJ: They are diligent about perfecting their sex game and will deliver consistent quality in the bedroom.

ESTJ: This type must be the best at everything – including sex – so they will work diligently to up their game and ensure that they’re delivering a high-quality experience.

ESFP: They are highly in tune with both your body’s needs and desires and your emotional needs and desires. They are essentially sex wizards, who will ruin all future lovers for you.