Here’s How You’ll Fall In Love In 2017, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type



This year, you’ll fall both in and out of love. It will be an invigorating, passionate whirlwind – and it’ll ultimately show you more about yourself and the world around you than you could ever have possibly imagined. Even if it doesn’t end up lasting forever, you’ll appreciate love this year, for the new worlds that it opens your eyes to.


This year, you’ll spend a lot of time alone – learning more about yourself and what you truly want out of a relationship. Once you’ve done the hard work of rooting through your past hangups, the right person will fall easily, naturally into your life. It won’t be as intense, as passionate or as big of a whirlwind as your love affairs usually are, but it’ll feel right. And it’ll continue to feel right for a very long time.


This year you’ll date around for a while, but ultimately find yourself stopped dead in your tracks by a charming new classmate or coworker. You’ll finally find yourself falling for someone who’s equally as invested as you are in the relationship, and it will make you feel more appreciated than ever before.


This year, you’ll take things to the next level with someone who’s been in your life for ages. Whether it’s taking the next steps with your current partner, moving a relationship from platonic to romantic or even just mustering up the courage to tell your crush that you like them, things will shift in a surprisingly pleasant way – and the only question you’ll be left with is why you didn’t move things forward sooner.


This year you’ll be caught off guard by someone who shares your favorite past time. Their warmth, openness and genuineness will drive you to learn more and more about them – and before you know it, you’ll be stumbling over your own words every time they’re around. At which point you’ll realize, shit – you’ve got it bad for them. Luckily, they’ll feel the same.


This year, you’ll capture someone’s eye at a work-related event. It will take you a while to work out that they aren’t emailing you that often for strictly professional reasons – but once you do work it out, you’ll be charmed by the effort they’ve put into pursuing you. And you’ll be inclined to return the same effort.


This year you’ll meet your partner off a dating app. Is it a romantic way to meet someone? Of course not. But it’s a practical and straightforward way to find someone you’re compatible with — and that’s a lot more important to you than romance.


This year you’ll be blind sighted when you discover that a close friend has had feelings for you all along. It’ll take a bit of mental readjustment, but you’ll ultimately be happier than ever once you realize how compatible the two of you are – and how natural a relationship between you ends up feeling.


This year you’ll be chased relentlessly by someone who isn’t your usual type – but you’ll be happily surprised to get to know them. Rather than writing them off as the kind of person you wouldn’t usually go for, give them a chance to show you what they’re all about – they might just be everything you never knew you needed.


This year you’ll fall in love with someone who is a true and natural partner to you. Someone who understands your ins and outs, and wants to build a practical relationship around your mutual interests. You’ll finally understand what it means to be supported by someone in the way that you want to be supported – and you’ll be more than happy to return the favor.


This year you’ll fall in love with a friend. Someone who’s been around for years, in your periphery, who you suddenly start looking at in a different light. Your feelings will catch you off guard, but trust them – there’s a reason the two of you have always been so naturally compatible.


This year you’ll fall in love with your polar opposite. Something about their free-spirited attitude will intrigue you – and you won’t be able to get them out of your head. So you’ll opt to move in closer. And you won’t regret that choice.


This year, you’ll fall in love accidentally. Instead of your usual routine (you know, getting way to excited about someone right away and then having your hopes dashed by date two), you’ll slip unexpectedly into a relationship that you never saw coming. And ironically, it will end up feeling more right than ever.


This year you’ll fall head over heels for someone mysterious. You won’t be able to figure them out right away – and that will intrigue you. You’ll have to do some chasing, but eventually they’ll come around – and admit that they’ve been having trouble pinning you down, too!


This year you’ll fall in love on a first date. You’ll feel certain your feelings are getting ahead of you, but come the holidays, you’ll be sending out couple’s cards. Once you meet them, something inside of you will click – and neither of you will look back.


This year, you’ll return to an old flame. Now that you’re both in different places, you can finally make the relationship that you’ve always wanted to have, work. You’ll fall easily, comfortably, into the stable, healthy kind of love that’s been evading you for years. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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