A Love Letter To Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type, From An ENFP Who Adores You

A Love Letter To Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type, From An ENFP Who Adores You


You absolutely light up people’s lives, and you don’t even seem to notice yourself doing it. On the best days life is an adventure with you, and on the worst days you’re right down in the trenches alongside the people you love. Nothing is ever strange enough, intense enough or twisted enough to scare you off. Your emotional intensity and depth is matched only by your seemingly impossible optimism, and everyone you love is so much better off for having you in their lives.


Your mind is quite possibly one of the most fascinating and entertaining places on earth. You are the deepest, most beautiful well of compassion and creativity and emotional resilience, all rolled into one impossibly cool, humble human being. Nobody who is loved by you will ever have to know what it feels like to be unloved or alone. You are as deeply creative as you are sharply intelligent and everyone who knows you well is more in awe of you than you will ever know.


The fact that someone as sharp and intellectual as you can also be unbelievably selfless, devoted and loving as you are seems, well, downright unbelievable at times. Your mind is the kind of place people get lost in, and never want to find their way back out of. You see the world in such a holistic way and you inspire us all with your insight, devotion and emotional strength. Everyone who is loved by you is truly, unequivocally lucky to have you in their lives!


Holy moly, HOW do you do that thing you do? You know – the thing where you’re the kindest, wisest, most together human being on earth, and simultaneously NEVER ask for praise or recognition? You are an absolute inspiration to everyone around you, but even more than that, you are everyone’s soft place to fall – and you are more loved for it than you could ever possibly begin to understand. Please never change! We’re all looking up to you, always.


ARE YOU EVEN HUMAN? No, wait – I’m not calling you a robot! I’m calling you a wise, all-knowing sage who seems to have walked straight out of a fantasy novel into the real world. Your mind functions on an entirely different plane than the rest of ours and hearing what you have to say turns out to be life-altering, approximately 99% of the time. Please never stop learning, analyzing, interpreting and sharing your understanding with the rest of us! The world needs so many more of you!


Honestly, it should straight-up be illegal to be both as motivated and as intelligent as you are. HOW IS THAT FAIR TO THE REST OF US? You’ve got your shit together and you also somehow manage to be an incredible friend, mentor and family member to the people you love. You’re 100% reliable and you’re hella fun company to boot – for someone as focused as you, you have a killer sense of humor and are just straight-up awesome to be around. Keep kicking ass and taking names! We’re all looking up to you in awe.


Hot damn, that is one sexy brain you’ve got there. You somehow manage to be one of the most intellectually complex human beings ever created, but also possess an impressive emotional range and can be so unexpectedly sweet to the people you love. What I’m saying is, stop it. We’re all obsessed with you. You’re just so effortlessly cool and honestly, it’s pretty damn unfair.


I wish that your mind was a physical library that I could go and get lost in forever. There is NOTHING more fascinating than hearing what’s going on inside your head, because it’s every bit as brilliant as it is bizarre. You have never had a single dull or commonplace thought in your life and it’s unbelievably refreshing. Keep being your brilliant, unconventional self – we’re all in absolute awe of your intellect and the world needs so many more of you!


You know that thing where you absolutely BOWL PEOPLE OVER with love? NEVER EVER STOP that. You are the most genuinely open-hearted, adventurous, accepting, encouraging, compassionate kind of human being and it’s borderline impossible to understand how you even manage to give that much to others on a daily basis, while simultaneously just being so much cooler and more ballin’ than the rest of us. Stop it, right now – you’re making the rest of us look bad. (But like don’t stop it, ever).


You know that incredibly artistic, creative, effortlessly cool but also endlessly compassionate person that everyone wants to be? Yeah, that person modeled themselves after you. Because you are all of that, times ten. You are a mystifying, fascinating creature, and others can’t help but be drawn to you. Never, ever stop sharing your creativity and compassion with the rest of us – we all wish we were you, but since we aren’t, we’re just so damn happy we know you!


I actually have trouble understanding that someone as genuinely caring and nurturing and selfless as you actually exists. But no, seriously. Every time I meet one of you I’m BOWLED OVER by how much you deeply, genuinely CARE about people in a way that seems borderline impossible. I wish you could give literally everyone else in the world lessons on how to be more like you (including me! I want lessons!). Add that to how you’re this super down-to-earth, super together human being and URGH. NEVER change!! You’re just unbelievable in the best way imaginable.


DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THE PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE APPRECIATE YOU? No seriously, do you? Because there is not a single person you love who is not INCREDIBLY lucky to have you in their lives. You’re the most mature, put-together, selfless, nurturing, no-nonsense, down-to-earth, energetic, wonderful bundle of sunshine (but also seriousness!) that anyone could ever ask for. You are a TOP NOTCH friend/partner/parent/sibling/boss/teacher/companion and don’t you dare, for a second, believe anything to the contrary! We are all in awe of you. We love you. Never leave us.


WELL LOOK AT YOU, just casually being the coolest damn human being on the planet, with a side serving of hilarity, brilliance and charm. Is there a single person who knows you who doesn’t wish they were you? Probably not. We’d hate you for being so effortlessly awesome if you weren’t so damn likable. I’d go on, but let’s be serious – I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know!


I could talk to you for the next one thousand years and never be bored for a second – although I know I’d drive you insane ten minutes in. Your intelligence is massively underrated by the MBTI (and society in general). You are one of the most practical yet simultaneously analytical thinkers who has ever existed. Plus that soft side that you secretly have? Powerful shit right there. Don’t ever stop being the hilarious, analytical, independent badass that you are. We’re all a little perplexed and a lot intrigued by you.


You would think that someone as driven, intelligent and put-together as you wouldn’t also be a ton of fun to be around – but ALAS ESTJ, you prove us all wrong! You know how to get ROWDY but you’re also one of the most accomplished people any of us have ever met. Not to mention, you’re possibly the most reliable human being who exists. What I’m saying is, we’re all just crazy glad we know you. You’re an irreplaceable person in every single sense of the word, and your loved ones are unbelievably lucky to have you in their lives!


LET’S TAKE A HOT SECOND to talk about how you manage to be the most practical and down-to-earth person alive, while also having an incredible sense of morality and an undying devotion to everyone you love. HOW DO ALL THOSE TRAITS CO-EXIST? It seems impossible. But there you are, possessing them all! Please never stop being the person that all of us rely on and trust. When you feel unappreciated, know that the world as we know it would absolutely crumble without you. And everyone who loves you knows it! Thought Catalog Logo Mark