It’s Easiest To Love You At 5am


It’s easiest to be with you at 5am.

There is no right or wrong in these early morning hours, with the sunshine sliding in between your shoulder blades, your body lying intertwined with mine. There are no wars, there’s no religion, there’s no prejudice or hatred or sin.

There’s only stillness early in the morning hours; only silence, just the rhythm of your breathing moving steadily, evenly with mine.

It’s uncomplicated to love you at 5am.

In the easiest hours, when the whole world lies unconscious, when there are no planes to catch or decisions to make or challenges to rise up to and conquer. When the chaos of the night has dwindled down and yet the bustle of the morning isn’t here yet – these are the hours in which your body feels the most like home.

These are the hours in which anxiety doesn’t overwhelm our consciousness; indecision isn’t stitched into our skin. These are the hours in which there’s no obligation to be anything – neither louder nor quieter nor fiercer nor tamer with each other.

These are the hours that lack expectation. These are the moments where our only job’s to be.

It’s hard not to let ourselves unravel at 5am.

It’s hard not to let our minds wander – to the lands that our fears have forbidden, to the places our bodies can’t go. It’s hard not to imagine, in the effortless serenity of morning time, why we cannot wake up like this each morning.

Why our entire lives cannot take place in pure and uncomplicated silences of 5am.

When the only conversation that matters takes place between my fingers and your skin.

When the world hasn’t woken up yet, but we have.

But we have.

And at 5am, that will always be world enough for me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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