Here’s What To Get Your Significant Other For Valentine’s Day Based On Their Enneagram Type

Selecting the perfect Valentine’s Day gift is never easy. No matter how well you know your significant other, it always feels like there’s nothing that they really need, or that whatever you do find won’t be perfect. This year, tap into your SO’s core motivations and fears by discovering their Enneagram type – and then find the sweet, sexy or alternative gift that even they didn’t know that they needed. Schneider Schneider

Select your partner’s Enneagram Personality Type here:

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Type 1

Sweet: Charity Choice Gift Certificate

Your type 1 is constantly envisioning a better society – and they want to personally contribute to that vision. This Valentine’s Day, show your appreciation for their philanthropic spirit by allowing them to give back a little extra. Pick up a gift certificate that allows your type 1 to donate to the charity of their choice. This type would rather give back than receive, so give them the unique opportunity to do both at once.

Sexy: XXXopoly Fusion/XXXopoly Fusion/XXXopoly

Your type 1 plays by the rules – and there’s no reason why that can’t be sexy. Pick up the X-rated version of your favorite board game this Valentine’s day to encourage both of you to get a little wild – within reason, of course. Your type 1 will love the structure almost as much as they’ll love your participation.

Wildcard Pick: Temperature Controlled Mattress

Type 1s are constantly envisioning a better world – one in which justice prevails, harmony reins and the bed is always the ideal temperature for you both. Make at least one of their dreams come true with this temperature-controlled mattress that allows the two of you to sleep at your respective ideal temperatures. Their perfectionistic nature will be satisfied for at least 8 hours a day.

Type 2

Sweet: A Flatterbox

Your 2 is constantly going out of their way to make you feel loved and appreciated – and this Valentine’s day, they want nothing more than to know that you feel the same way about them. Collect words of affirmation from their friends and family members to add to the Flatterbox and then of course add in your own favorite things about them. Your 2 will be beaming for days and will treasure the gift indefinitely.

Sexy: Couple’s Coupons

Your 2 is constantly doing small favours for you – but they never want to burden you by asking for those favours in return. This year, make it easy for them to do so by providing them with a list of sweet and sexy coupons that they can call into play whenever they’re in need of some extra affection. This may be the first time your 2 has ever considered asking someone for something fun!

Wildcard Pick: Aromatherapy Shower Kit

Type 2s are notorious for over-extending themselves in order to please those around them. This Valentine’s day, give them a gift that pampers and revitalizes them. They’ll appreciate the opportunity to have a little ‘me’ time in a way they don’t have to feel guilty for. After all, they have to shower!

Type 3

Sweet: Suitjamas

ZBoss Inc
ZBoss Inc

Your 3 is always dressing to impress – and there’s no reason they shouldn’t do so in their sleep. Provide them with a pair of Suitjamas this Valentine’s day to make them laugh and to give them a comfortable outfit to relax in. Plus, if they don’t particularly like them, that’s your cue to help them take them off.

Sexy: Sexy I Dare You Bright Bright

Your 3 lives to impress. Give them the chance to show off their bravery and bravado with this game of sexy “I dare you.” You’ll play on their desire to perform in a way that makes everyone happy.

Wildcard: Personalized Whiskey Barrel

The type 3 enjoys personalized products they can show off to their family and friends. Satiate their need to impress by providing them with a personalized drink barrel that they can use at parties and gatherings. It’s a conversation starter and it has practical value – your 3 will absolutely eat it up.

Type 4

Sweet: Love Is Art Kit

Your 4 wants to put a personal flair on absolutely everything they do – so why not extend this desire to their Valentine’s day gift? This year, give your 4 a creative gift that you can synthesize together. You’ll satiate their need for self-expression and have a whole lot of fun in the process!

Sexy: Glow-in-the-dark lingerie

Your 4 is ceaselessly attracted to the strange and uncommon – so normal lingerie just won’t cut it. Satisfy their need to be different this Valentine’s day with glow in the dark lingerie – it’s a fun, playful gift that takes a turn for the sexy very quickly.

Wildcard Pick: Record Clock Davis Davis

What do you get for the guy or girl who strictly owns cool, abstract things? Something so abstract that they haven’t even thought of it, of course! Get a cool, classic vinyl made into a clock for them this year. It’s a creative gift that they can show off in their home for years to come AND it may actually help them get to your dates on time.

Type 5

Sweet: Noise cancelling headphones

Bose QuietComfort
Bose QuietComfort

Though they surely love you to pieces, there’s nothing sweeter you can do for your type 5 than show them that you understand their need to occasionally tune out the whole world. Facilitate this experience for them by picking up a pair of sound cancelling headphones. They’ll relish in the high-quality gift you’ve selected and show their appreciation by only wearing them around you sometimes.

Sexy: Literary Love Confetti


All type 5s are avid readers. There’s nothing sexier to this scholastic type than the pages of a damn good book – so this year, get them exactly that. Scatter heart-shaped literature confetti over your bed sheets to lure in this bookwormish type. They’ll appreciate the romantic novelty AND probably use the opportunity to engage in some post-coital reading.

Wildcard Item: Windshield protected GPS


Your type 5 likes to focus on one thing at once – which is why driving can sometimes be a stressful experience for this type. Help them out this Valentine’s day by providing them with a practical gift that eases their driving concerns. They can see where they’re going without taking their eyes off the road at all. Plus, it gives them a cool new piece of technology to play with.

Type 6

Sweet: DIY Photostrips

Your type 6 is secretly (or not-so-secretly) sentimental. They are highly invested in the memories the two of you have made together, so this year showcase those for them in a concrete way. Create your own personal photo story for your 6 by picking out your favorite memories and personally arranging them into something they can treasure for years to come. They’ll appreciate the thought you’ve put into it and enjoy the trip down memory lane.

Sexy: Sensual Checklist

Your type 6 likes to keep themselves organized – and why shouldn’t that extend into sexy time? Pick them up this humorous checklist that keeps your playtime structured. Because to the type 6, nothing’s sexier than structure.

Wildcard: Molecular Gastronomy Kit

Your type 6 enjoys perfecting their existing skills and picking up interesting new ones. Satisfy both these desires at once by giving them a creative new way to cook food that will both interest them and impress their loved ones. If Molecular Gastronomy doesn’t do it for them, replace with any potential new hobby that they’ve been looking to pick up!

Type 7

Sweet: Date Bucket List Lopez Lopez

Your type 7 is constantly looking to the future – envisioning which exciting activity the two of you could partake in next. Fuel their sense of adventure by providing them with a list of creative date ideas that you want to experience with them. Giving this type something to look forward to is truly the sweetest thing you can do for them.

Sexy: Kama Sutra Getaway Kit


Your type 7 is constantly on the go – but that shouldn’t have to interrupt the time you spend together as a couple. Pick up the Kama Sutra Getaway kit for a fun, sexy experience that the two of you can take on the road. It’s sensual, novel and portable – all of the type 7’s favorite things!

Wildcard: Flight Lessons


Your type 7 is always looking to try something new and crazy. Fuel their desire for the unusual by providing them with an experience that few get to have in a lifetime – the opportunity to pilot a plane! If this particular idea doesn’t strike their fancy, replace with any other novel experience that most would immediately balk at. Your type 7 is attracted to adrenaline and giving them a gift that reflects that is irreplaceable.

Type 8

Sweet: Why You’re So Awesome By Me Book

Your 8 may seem as though they never need validation – but the truth is, they love to hear exactly why you think the world of them. Fill up this cute, creative book with reasons why your type 8 is your superhero – they’ll appreciate and treasure it more than you know.

Sexy: Bondage Cuffs


Your type 8 is all about power, both at home and in the workplace – so why not extend that theme into your sex life? Pick up a pair of beginner’s bondage cuffs and let them tie you up – or turn the tables and tie them up. They may appreciate the rare opportunity to give up control.

Wildcard: Let Them Choose The Experience

Many type 8s aren’t a huge fan of gifts because they’d honestly prefer to pick them out themselves. Give your 8 the gift of choice this Valentine’s day by providing them with a certificate that can be cashed in for a variety of new experiences. They’ll appreciate the opportunity to choose what they get to do, and it’ll give you both a fun trip or experience to look forward to!

Type 9

Sweet: We Found Each Other Puzzle

Your type 9 remembers all the tiny details about exactly how and when the Universe brought the two of you together. Show them that you do too, by providing them with a unique representation of the place where you first met. They’ll be touched by your thoughtfulness, plus the puzzle provides you with a simple, low-key date night that will bring you closer together.

Sexy: Bath Salts & Suggestion Cards

Your type 9 loves relaxing with a long, leisurely bath – and the only way to improve upon the experience is to have you join! Pick up a pack of sultry bath salts and suggestion cards in order to enjoy a deeply intimate experience with your type 9. You’ll walk the perfect line between sweet and sexy that they are constantly toeing themselves.

Wildcard: A piece of the moon

Your type 9 craves deep connections with the people and world that surrounds them. To optimize their experience of connection, do the unthinkable for your type 9 and buy them a piece of the moon! They’ll relish over the novelty of your gift and end up feeling more connected not just to the world that surrounds them but also to you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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