Here Is Your Mental Age, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type


ENFP – 21

No matter how old you become, you maintain the drive, enthusiasm and passion of someone who is just coming into his or her own. You are young at heart but old in spirit – you may best be described as 21 going on 90. You have the energy of someone much younger than yourself but the wisdom of someone much older.

INFP – 60

No matter what your biological age is, you were born as and remain an old soul. You have been questioning the greater truths about life for as long as you can remember, but your wisdom is supported by an inherently youthful sense of curiosity that drives you to explore each issue from multiple different angles. You may best be best described as 60 going on 6 – you have the sagacity of someone much older than yourself but the insatiable curiosity of someone much younger.

ENFJ – 40

You’ve always naturally assumed the role of the wise mentor to those in your life. Your mental prowess resembles that of someone who is old enough to make decisions rationally and compassionately, yet young enough to execute them with an idealistic sense of enthusiasm. Your “Mother Hen” role in others’ lives plants you at the beginning of middle-age, mentally. You have a youthful energy backed up by an indisputable well of wisdom.

INFJ – 90

Chances are, some part of you has always felt older than those around you. You dwell eternally in the deep end of life – questioning its nature and meaning in depth, while remaining endlessly patient with those around you. You have the empathy and insight of someone much older than yourself – you are a natural sage, regardless of your biological age.

ESFP – 16

It’s not that you lack the maturity or depth of your true biological age – it’s just that you embody the enthusiastic spirit of someone much younger than yourself. You are ceaselessly open to life in every facet. You work hard, play hard, love hard and live hard. Regardless of how old you become, you maintain the effervescent energy of someone much younger than yourself and it’s refreshing to everyone around you.

ISFP – 23

They say your early to mid twenties are your peak creative years – but for you, your entire life is your peak creative years. Possessing the insight of someone much older than yourself but the youthful creative energy of someone much younger, your age might best be described as “23 going on 60.”

ESFJ – 30

You’re bubbly, energetic and lively but also mature, responsible and organized – embodying all the qualities of someone who has grown confidently into young adulthood. They say our early thirties are our prime years – when we are old enough to have established ourselves, yet young enough to enjoy good health. And if you’re anything, it’s confident and established. You’ve always possessed the focus and maturity of a true adult, with the warmth and energy of someone much younger.

ISFJ – 65

You’ve always felt a little out of sorts around people your own age – like some part of you would rather be at home, baking cookies with your cat, than out at a wild rager. You were born with the mentality of a calm, collected adult and it hasn’t wavered much over the years. You know old age will be your time to shine. You’ll be the best gran or grandpa on the block.

ENTJ – 55

The age of the average Fortune 500 CEO is 55 so it seemed only natural that this age would suit you best. For the majority of your life you’ve possessed the confidence, diligence and decisiveness of someone much older than yourself – and by middle age your body will finally catch up with the maturity of your mind. 55 may just be your time to shine… but who are we kidding. Your whole life is your time to shine.

INTJ – 80

INTJs seem to mentally age at twice the rate of most other types. Their lifelong quest for knowledge means they advance intellectually in leaps and bounds – they have little patience for the constraints of youth and tend to befriend adults from the time they are young. This type has the wisdom of an old soul and the unconquerable thirst for knowledge that keeps them growing and expanding well beyond their years.

ENTP – 24

You have the innovative spirit of an idealistic child mixed with the professional savviness of an assertive adult – landing you squarely in the ‘young adult’ age bracket, mentally. No matter how old you get, you retain the adventurous, opportunistic nature of someone much younger than yourself, combined with the resourceful capability of someone much older.

INTP – 45

Of all the types, INTPs may be the most difficult to fit into a particular mental age. This type has the intellectual capacity and decisiveness of someone much older than themselves combined with the insatiable curiosity of a very young child. This type may best be described as “45 going on 3.” Their unique way of perceiving the world renders them ageless in many ways – they may be totally inept at ‘adulting’ but intellectually gifted from a young age.

ISTJ – 50

ISTJs are born responsible. This type takes their commitments direly seriously and possesses almost no trace of youthful mischievousness. They often feel older than their peers, even as children, and long to reach an age at which they will finally be taken seriously by their peers. Middle age suits the ISTJ well – they are still physically capable of getting things done, while finally being old enough to receive the respect they deserve.

ESTJ – 45

ESTJs combine the playful, gregarious spirit of a young college bro with the responsibility and diligence of a fully-formed adult. This type is obsessively professional and capable – they enjoy middle age as a time where they have earned the respect of their peers yet are still in good enough health to be able to push their own limits.

ESTP – 18

ESTPs are the straight-shooting rule-breakers of the world, who never fully lose their rebellious teenage spirit. This type retains the energy and enthusiasm of a young adult no matter how old they get. They won’t be held back by the world around them – they get what they want when they want it and just try telling them otherwise.

ISTP – 22

ISTPs are in their prime when they are at their physical peak – usually in their early twenties. This type has a devilishly rebellious spirit that relishes in sensory delights. And yet they do possess the capability and responsibility of a quasi-adult at any age. 22 truly does seem to suit this type, as an age at which they are able to live life on their own terms but are not yet bothered by the societal expectations of adulthood. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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