30 Days Of Writing Prompts

When it comes to pushing our creative boundaries, we all get stuck from time to time. In case you’re experiencing writer’s block, here are thirty days worth of ideas to keep those creative juices flowing! Add your own prompts in the comments section.


1. Describe yourself from your pet’s point of view.

2. Share the most incredible thing you’ve ever seen in the most boring tone possible.

3. Provide your stream of consciousness during the the worst nightmare you’ve ever had.

4. Write about leaving home.

5. Pick ten sayings for a fortune cookie that you would never want to see come true.

6. You wake up with a key gripped tightly in your hand. How did you get this key? What do you do with this it?

7. Write a compelling argument pushing the worst advice you’ve ever been given.

8. Describe heartbreak.

9. Give 14 pieces of advice to a teen who is graduating high school.

10. Write the autobiography of the life you weren’t brave enough to lead.

11. Write a love story from end to beginning.

12. Pick a person you can’t stand and write a letter describing every wonderful thing about them.

13. Write a love scene from the point of view of your character’s hands.

14. Turn the thing that makes you the angriest into a poem.

15. Write about the way things should have been.

16. Write your own obituary honestly.

17. The person you loved who didn’t love you back.

18. A coffee date with the person you were a year ago.

19. The horrible secret the grocery clerk was hiding.

20. Write a love story starring your algebra teacher.

21. Write a letter to your future self.

22. Write about writing.

23. You approach a stranger on the street and ask them to tell you one thing they have never told anybody. What do they tell you?

24. You only have room for 5 things on your bucket list – what are they?

25. Describe the exact day you just had, but from the point of view of a psychopath.

26. Personify regret.

27. Write the back cover of the fiction novel that is based on your life in high school.

28. Detail the adventures of a day where you say “Yes” to everything.

29. How do you feel about love these days?

30. Write ten facebook status updates written by yourself in 2025. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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