Here’s Which Myers-Briggs Type You’re Most Likely To Mistype As


Most likely to mistype as: ENFJ

Why the mistype happens: ESFJs are highly in touch with the feelings of others, which may cause them to test as an intuitive. This people-focused type shares a great deal of personality traits with their ENFJ cousin – the main difference between these types lies in their auxiliary functions. Whereas the ENFJ focuses on the theoretical motivations behind the actions of others and how they fit into the bigger picture of who the person is and how they’ll behave in the future, the ESFJ focuses closely on remembering the details of what happened and cataloging them for future reference. ESFJs are extremely cautious about never making the same mistake twice – they are the masters of forgiving but never forgetting.

Likely to resemble: ESFP

Why the mistype happens: Because they value external harmony above all else, ESFJs may come across as being more accommodating than they actually are – to the point where they resemble perceivers in their interactions with others. In reality, the ESFJ values consistency – they may rather make others happy than maintain their routine but that does not a perceiver make. ESFJs and ESFPs actually share zero cognitive functions and analyze information entirely differently.

Types that are most likely to mistype as ESFJ: ESFP, ISFJ


Most likely to mistype as: INFJ

Why this mistype happens: ISFJs are highly introspective and analytical – this makes it easy to confuse their nature with that of the INFJ’s. The difference between the two types lies in the topic of their analysis – ISFJs place a heavy focus on the past, and how past experiences can be analyzed and applied to their current lives. Conversely, INFJs analyze the future almost exclusively – they may bring past experiences into the mix but they’re less prone to dwelling on them than their ISFJ counterparts. INFJs aim to determine a highly theoretical ‘optimal’ future for themselves and others (regardless of whether this future is concretely achievable), whereas ISFJs aim to concretely employ a future that is realistic – based on what has proven itself to work best in the past.

Also likely to mistype as: ISTJ

Why this mistype happens: ISFJs lead with introverted sensing, which makes them highly practical, despite their compassionate nature. Men of this type are particularly susceptible to testing as Ts, as SJ types tend to place a high value on conventional social roles – and men are often socialized to employ ‘T’ characteristics. Both ISTJs and ISFJs are inclined to dutifully help out their loved ones come hell and high water – the difference is, the ISFJ will feel the other person’s pain on a personal level, whereas the ISTJ helps primarily out of a sense of duty.

Types that are most likely to mistype as ISFJ: ISTJ, ISFP


Most likely to mistype as: INTJ

Why this mistype happens: ISTJs are incredibly analytical – to the point where they are often mistaken for intuitives. This type spends a great deal of time deliberating over the information they’ve taken in and analyzing whether or not each piece fits with their worldview – a trait that is analytical in its own right. However, it is a sharp contrast to introverted intuition, which concerns itself primarily with predicting and planning for the future. ISTJs place a high focus on tradition and the past, whereas INTJs are notoriously future-focused.

Also likely to mistype as: ISFJ

Why this mistype happens: ISTJs care deeply for those in their lives and will go to almost any lengths for those they care about. For this reason, ISTJs are often assumed by others to be feelers. In reality, the extreme loyalty portrayed by ISTJs is a product of their introverted sensing and introverted feeling, rather than extroverted feeling. However, the motivation for their actions can be easy to confuse – especially since ISTJs are not big talkers!

Types that are most likely to mistype as ISTJ: ESTJ, ISFJ


Most likely to mistype as: ISTJ

Why this mistype happens: ESTJs definitely feed off the energy of others – but if they’re torn between getting something done right and getting something done as a team, they’ll choose getting it done right every time. ESTJs may manifest as introverts due to their tendency to want to “Take care of business” first and enjoy themselves second. But at the end of the day, imposing order on their external environment is what gives the ESTJ the most energy – making them an extroverted type through and through.

Also likely to mistype as: ENTJ

Why this mistype happens: ESTJs and ENTJs both lead with extroverted thinking. These two types are incredibly easy to confuse with one another, as they both value productivity above all else and tend to take the lead in the business world. The distinction between the two comes into play when you examine their auxiliary function – ESTJs use introverted sensing, which means they veer toward “tried and true” methods of getting things done. ENTJs use introverted intuition, which means they’re more open to unconventional methods of getting things done, and are slightly more comfortable with uncertainty.

Types that are most likely to mistype as ESTJ: ESFJ, ISTJ TC mark


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