8 Signs That Your Friend Is An ISFP

ISFPs – or introverted, sensing, feeling perceivers – are the artistic flower children of the MBTI. These soulful, artistic personalities are as rare to come by as they are to recognize. They keep their deepest thoughts and feelings to themselves, but there are a few key traits that tend to expose them. If your friend displays most of these 8 signs, they may just be an ISFP.

Sophie Pearl, ISFP extraordinaire.
Sophie Pearl, ISFP extraordinaire.

1. They’ll sometimes disappear for days at a time.

You had plans to chill on Thursday but by the time Thursday rolls around, they’re nowhere to be found. You’d be worried if this didn’t happen pretty much all the time. You have no doubt that they’ll return a few days from now with skinned knees, tanned skin and five hundred pictures from a music festival you’ve never heard of. You just go with it.

2. They somehow always look amazing.

Even if they haven’t showered in three days and are dressed in a simple white t-shirt and jean shorts. How do you do that, ISFP? How is your aesthetic always so perfectly on point? Part of you hates them for it but mostly you’re just glad that you have them around to take you shopping.

3. Their Instagram is to die for.

ISFPs have a keen eye for the beautiful and somehow always intuitively know just how to frame a picture. They’re always the one holding the camera when you go out drinking, traveling or even when you’re just spending a day chilling at home. There aren’t many people you trust to post photos of you without you seeing them first, but with your ISFP friend, you’d trust your life.

4. You’re never entirely sure what they’re thinking.

ISFPs are intrinsically mysterious characters. Their thoughts and emotions run deep and they’re hesitant to share themselves fully with the world. You usually have to do some coaxing to figure out what’s going on below the surface with your ISFP friend – and even once you do get them talking, you’re never entirely sure that you have the whole story.

5. Conflict is incredibly stressful for them.

Your ISFP friend isn’t just stressed if someone is upset with them – they’re stressed if anyone they know is upset with pretty much anyone else they know. ISFPs are natural peacekeepers and above all else, they want the people they love to feel happy and harmonious. Conflict is uncomfortable for them and they’re never truly happy unless they’re sure that everyone around them is happy and at peace as well.

6. They’re who you turn to whenever you need new music.

ISFPs have this incredible knack for knowing exactly what’s going to be cool six months from now. They’re who you go to whenever your music collection is waning and you want to know just what’s up and coming. They have an intuitive knack for knowing what will appeal to others and they’ll make you a playlist like nobody has ever made you a playlist before.

7. They’re unexpectedly down for almost anything.

Despite seeming reserved in nature, your ISFP friend is the one person you can call up at 2pm on a Tuesday to see if they want to take a spontaneous road trip and almost always have them reply, “Sure, let’s go.” ISFPs are the masters of spontaneity and they’re always up for a new adventure — even if their subdued demeanour doesn’t suggest as much.

8. They’re just so effortlessly cool.

ISFPs invented the notion of being cool without even trying. You’d be jealous of how they pull it off but you honestly can’t be bothered – you’re just happy to bask in their coolness and appreciate having them as a friend. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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