10 Reasons Why Everyone Needs An ESFP In Their Lives

ESFPs – or extroverted, sensing, feeling, perceivers – are the fun-loving people-people of the Myers-Briggs world. Though this type is generally well-liked, their true depth of character is often overlooked. Here are ten reasons why everyone needs one of these fantastic characters in their lives.
Mike Babiarz
Mike Babiarz

1. They’re surprisingly accepting of others’ quirks.

Though the ESFP tends to be socially dominant, they are surprisingly accepting of others. This type lives in a world of people possibilities, which means they enjoy learning about people just as they are – without trying to change or fix them. ESFPs will meet your strange quirks, your odd habits and all the little things that make you ‘you’ with curiosity rather than judgment – and they’ll often match you with their own set of quirks.

2. They help you get out of your head and fully experience life.

Introverts, judgers and intuitives alike tend to struggle with getting out of their heads and embracing life as it is. Luckily, this is the ESFP’s forte. This type – alongside their logical cousin the ESTP – is one of the most truly present-oriented types. One moment you’re having coffee with your ESFP friend and the next you’re hiking up a mountain or shutting down a club. You’re never quite sure how you got there, but you’re usually glad that you did. Life with ESFPs is nothing if not an adventure.

3. They usually come with an entire social network.

ESFPs are perhaps the most naturally sociable types – they like to know everyone and have everyone know them. For this reason, ESFPs usually have a large social network that they’re more than happy to introduce you into. You’re never alone when you have an ESFP friend – you’re a part of a large group of loosely connected yet genuinely awesome people.

4. They’re incredibly compassionate.

Though they’re extroverted sensors first and foremost, ESFPs also have introverted feeling as their secondary function – making them incredibly sympathetic to the pains of others. ESFPs don’t shy away from the hardships of their friends – they’ll be the first ones to offer a shoulder to cry on or a long talk when you need one. Plus they’re never afraid to lighten the mood with a poorly timed joke – a truly underrated skill in today’s sensitive age.

5. They are shockingly adept at analyzing your emotions.

Because ESFPs come across as happy-go-lucky individuals most of the time, their true depth and wisdom is often overlooked. This type combines extroverted sensing with introverted feeling to analyze your intentions in a refreshingly honest way – they don’t dig for drama that isn’t there and they don’t make excuses for you. They can tell when you’re being shallow, when you’re being selfish and when you’re being insecure – even when you’re lying to yourself about all of it. Plus they usually know exactly what will pull you out of your own mess – even if you’re not ready to admit it to yourself.

6. Their go-with-the-flow attitude is both refreshing and relieving.

ESFPs are not afraid to let plans change. This present-focused type relishes in the chaos of everyday life and whenever you’re freaking out about a change of plans, they’re already enjoying the exciting alternative that the change has made available. This type truly does make the best of whatever they’re have, wherever they are and it’s an endlessly refreshing attitude to be around.

7. They’re a Godsend in social situations that you aren’t feeling.

ESFPs get along with everyone – and I mean everyone. This type is an absolute natural in social situations and if you’re not feeling super enthused at a given party or gathering, they’re more than happy to take center stage. ESFPs can command attention like no other type – which is wonderful for when you want the attention taken off yourself.

8. Their openness allows for an incredibly genuine connection.

Though introverted feeling tends to be a relatively guarded function, ESFPs value human connection immensely – and they don’t mind opening up about themselves in order to achieve that connection. ESFPs will see whatever embarrassing or difficult situation you’re going through and raise you one embarrassing or difficult situation from their own past – they are surprisingly empathetic and open in all the right ways.

9. They’re hilarious.

ESFPs see the readily apparent humor in everything – and what they lack in wit they make up for in sheer enthusiasm. This type isn’t afraid to laugh at their own jokes as they’re telling them and the joy they emit while doing so will put a smile on your face even if the joke itself doesn’t.

10. Once you have an ESFP in your life, things will never be the same again without them.

Something about the warm, excitable ESFP nature is just impossible to replace. Once you grow accustomed to having one in your life, you won’t be able to imagine life without them – or at the least you won’t want to. I’d say it was a shame that this type is only 5% of the population… but let’s be real – this world couldn’t handle more than that. If there’s anything ESFPs are bad at it’s keeping a low profile – and that’s part of why we love them the most. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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