7 Things You’ll Miss When Your Best Friend Gets Into A Serious Relationship

We all want our friends to find love. We want them to thrive, to be happy and to find somebody who adores them for all of the same reasons we do. That being said, there’s nothing quite like being single at the same time as your best friend. You slowly morph into each other’s significant other and if it goes on for long enough, it’s a shock to the system when a real love interest enters the picture. As much as you’re happy to see your friend getting serious with someone they love, there are a few things you’ll inevitably miss when somebody else steals your best friend’s heart.

1. You’ll miss being their person.

You’ll miss being the first one they think of to call when something wonderful or wild or terrifying happens. You’ll miss being the person who they run to with all of their problems and come to with all of their joys. You’re glad that they’ve found someone who loves them and supports them so fully but you’ll miss being the first person to know all of their secrets. You’ll miss being the loudest person clapping when they win.

2. You’ll miss being cynical together.

It’s not that you actually want them to be bitter about love, it’s just that the whole ordeal seemed funny instead of miserable when you were miserable about love together. You’ll miss your us-against-the-world attitude because now it is you-against-the-world with their support but it’s never quite the same situation. Loneliness is no longer hilarious – without your best friend by your side it’s just sad.

3. You’ll miss living together (Or practically living together).

You’ll miss falling asleep in their bed more nights than you can count. You’ll miss having ready access to their wardrobe, their comfort foods and their DVD collection. You’ll miss coming home to them at the end of a long day without having to plan a specific time and place to hang out. You’ll miss them just being around, even if you weren’t actively interacting all of the time.

4. You’ll miss being their stand-in significant other.

You’ll miss attending weddings and work events with them when they require a plus one. You’ll miss knowing their family and co-workers as though they are your own because you have an assumed invite to every function and event. Now they have a real plus one and as adult as that is, you still bargain they’d have more fun with you along.

5. You’ll miss barging in on them whenever you need to.

You’ll miss showing up at their house at midnight without warning because you had a really bad date and you urgently need to debrief with them. You’ll miss having an unspoken invitation to invade their lives whenever you direly need to, because your boundaries with each other don’t exist. You’ll miss not having to worry that you’ll walk in on them doing something freaky or just generally having alone time with their significant other.

6. You’ll miss being a bit co-dependent.

When the two of you are single, you fall easily into a somewhat co-dependent relationship with one another – you cook each other meals, skip or show up to all of the same events and lean on each other during all of your times of trial. You basically act as one another’s significant other and you both know that you couldn’t get by without each other. But when one of you starts getting serious with someone else, the whole game changes – suddenly they’re just a tad codependent with someone else and you’re… independent? What is this sudden madness?

7. You’ll miss being in the same phase of life as they are.

No matter how wonderful and devoted your friend is, there’s a certain sense of camaraderie that just gets lost when one gains a serious boyfriend or girlfriend and the other remains single. Save for the very rare exception, relationships settle people down. And as much as you’re happy that they’re happy, a small part of you will eternally miss being unsettled with your best friend. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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