Here’s Who You Were In High School Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Clemens v. Vogelsang
Clemens v. Vogelsang


You were popular. High school was a place where you naturally thrived, as you enjoyed navigating the politics that came along with placing one thousand angsty teenagers together and forcing them to mingle relentlessly. You dated often, played whatever sport it was cool to play and were probably kind of mean for the first couple of years. You still miss high school a bit, to be honest.


You were either the class clown or the drama geek, possibly both. You had a strange, disjointed friend group that ranged from total nerds to reigning socialites and mostly you just floated around. You couldn’t wait to finish high school and go do your gap year in Zimbabwe, which you talked about pretty unceasingly.


You were a jock. You were the first of your friends to get laid and you enjoyed the sense of superiority it brought you. You popped your collar, played a lot of sports and possibly dealt a few drugs on the side. Teachers liked you so you skimmed by in school. High school was a good time for you.


You were a stereotypical nerd. You took advanced placement everything and consistently achieved straight As. You didn’t have much time for the politics or drama of high school because you were busy preparing your application for Harvard, which you got into by the end of your junior year. High school was a largely uninteresting time for you and you regarded it only as a means to the end of higher education.


You were a less stereotypical nerd. You were smart but didn’t much care for the way most subjects were taught and chose to skip school quite a bit. The social scene didn’t much interest you, save for a few friends who you sat with at lunch and talked Star Wars with. You pretty much just rode high school out, earning decent grades with minimal effort and frustrating teachers with your consistent refusal to ‘apply yourself.’


You held all of the parties worth going to in high school. You were effortlessly popular and widely desired by the opposite sex. You had a natural knack for athleticism, fashion and charming others, which allowed you to be dominant without engaging in the deadly sin of trying too hard. Everyone wanted to be you or be on you and high school was a time that you enjoyed.


You were the hot nerd. You could usually be found arguing with teachers and authority figures over the latest lesson that they were wrong about, just because you felt like raising hell. You were a badass with brains and it was sexy. High school was okay but you couldn’t wait to get out and have complete autonomy over your life.


You were the skater boy Avril Lavigne was singing about. You were punk back when punk was a thing and your attitude of genuine aloofness was attractive to the opposite sex (Unfortunately you were too aloof to notice). You thought high school was, in a word, meh. But that was your opinion on everything.


You were the valedictorian. You were well-liked, high-achieving, head of several social committees and you probably planned prom. You were the person everyone else’s moms asked them why they couldn’t be more like.


You were the quiet, artistic kid with awesome taste in music. Social status wasn’t your greatest concern but you were just alternative enough to be considered cool and got invited to all the right parties. You were known for always bringing a blunt and for being surprisingly insightful.


You were probably the hall monitor. Sticking to the rules was your jam and you consistently achieved straight A’s through hard work, dedication and diligence. Once you memorized basic social protocol you got on okay with your peers but never cared to get too involved in the social scene. You were over high school by your sophomore year and couldn’t wait to be around levelheaded adults in the real world.


You were the high school bully. You quickly picked up on social protocols and rose to the top of the food chain because others feared your wrath. You were a somewhat obnoxious teenager who could usually be found taking lunch money off the emo kids or picking a fight to flex your muscles.


You were a band geek. Your best friends were fellow band geeks, one of whom you lost your virginity to and then dated on and off until high school ended. You got straight A’s, but that was a given. When you were not in band practice you could be found reading alone in the library, wearing an “I <3 Nerds” t-shirt and eyeing up the hot ENTP.


You were the teacher’s pet. You got straight A’s, scraped by socially and ended up marrying your high school sweetheart. You were too sweet to be picked on but too shy to be popular so you stuck close to a few good friends and just rode your teen years out.


You were the student body president. You kept a tight reign on your social standing, extra curricular presence and grade point average. You were neurotic but in a way that worked for you. You were voted “Most likely to become the next President” in your high school yearbook, which you oversaw the production for.


You were a bookworm. You could be found on the fringes of the social scene, hanging out with emo or hipster kids and daydreaming through most of your classes. You weren’t a huge fan of high school because it didn’t provide you with ample opportunity to express yourself. You knew that once you got into the real world it’d be your chance to shine. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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