10 Simple Signs That Things Are Starting To Look Up For You

Soe Lin
Soe Lin

1. You’re reacting emotionally to the little things.

When we’re dealing with situations that are more than we can handle, our brains go into fight-or-flight mode – and we often feel numb as a result. Simply put, we feel pain when our brain decides that we can handle it. If you can go home and cry after a long day or a subtle rejection, you’re doing okay. Your emotions are functioning on a healthy, manageable level.

2. You have something (however slight) to look forward to.

Whether it’s a weekend trip or the completion of a major project, you have something that you’re excited about coming up. You’re designing your life in a way that propels you forward rather than pulling you backwards and the anticipation tastes sweet.

3. You’re attracting the kind of people you want to be around.

The energy we put out is the energy we get back. When you’re putting the best parts of yourself forward, you’re going to connect more naturally with people who share your interests and values. Having good company means you are good company – don’t take that for granted.

4. You see obstacles ahead because you’re accepting challenges.

Nothing is less interesting than having a perfect life. If the road ahead looks bumpy and uneven it means that you’re doing something right. You’re forcing yourself to move beyond wherever you are now and you’re trusting that you’ll rise to the challenge.

5. You’re laughing regularly.

You no longer freak out every time something goes wrong– you’re able to poke fun at yourself and accept that not everything happens according to plan. When we know that we’re moving in the right direction it becomes a whole lot easier to shrug off the little things. If you’re laughing at least once a day, chances are you’re doing alright.

6. You’re feeling uncomfortable.

Comfort is the #1 indicator that we have all but stopped growing. If you’re feeling a little out of place it means you’re up against an opportunity to learn, experience or understand something new. Discomfort is the birthplace of growth.

7. You’re happy for the people around you.

When we’re feeing insecure with ourselves, we’re the least excited for and about other people. If you’re happy about the positive changes that are happening in the lives of other people, you’re probably in a pretty good headspace.

8. You’re aware of how your past efforts have influenced the present.

You see a direct cause-and-effect relationship between where you used to be and where you are now. You know that you have power over your circumstances and you’ve proud of how far you have already come.

9. You’re not 100% satisfied with where you’re currently at.

Maybe there’s somewhere you’d much rather be. Or something you wish you were doing. Whatever the case, the ability to recognize that you’re not quite there yet is an underrated skill. You can put your finger on what you’d like to change – which is the first step towards changing it.

10. You know that you have control over what happens next.

Perhaps the single biggest predictor of where we’re going next is the realization that we have a great deal of control over where we’re going. The moment we step into the driver’s seat of our own existence is the moment we give ourselves the power to make big changes. And if you’re already sitting at the wheel, there’s a good chance that things are looking up. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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