6 Reasons Why Former Waiters Make The Best Employees

1. We thrive under pressure.

We are used to keeping our cool under chaotic conditions. When stress and emotions run high you can count on servers to power through with the kind of fierce determination that is only born from serving unexpected parties of 30. Not only can we navigate high-pressure situations but we also happen to be seasoned at coaching others through these environment. If we can keep a table of pissed-off businessmen calm during rush hour, we can do the same in the office. Servers are the effortless therapists of high-pressure workplaces.

2. We’re good with money.

We can do mental calculations with the finesse of a high school mathlete gearing for a full ride to MIT. You never have to worry about an ex-server making petty errors with cash or miscalculating how much something is going to cost the company. We’re savvy with finances and know how to manage an inconsistent budget. We can tack taxes onto the subtotal of an order faster than you can say “Siri, find calculator.”

3. We are incredibly personable.

We know how to charm, swindle, and soothe any beast at the blink of an eye. There is no type of person we cannot work our magic on and we know how vital customer satisfaction is to making a business run smoothly. You can send us in on the front lines of any client-centered meeting and know without question that we’ve got it covered.

4. We can go with the flow.

We aren’t startled or upset by a sudden change in policy. We are used to taking things as they come in the workplace and can adjust at the drop of a hat. There is no such thing for servers as a workday going as planned. When shit hits the fan we’re the first ones pulling out the step stool to take care of the mess.

5. We’re assertive as hell.

If you aren’t aware of the confrontation skills it takes to deal with the kitchen staff during a dinner rush, count your lucky stars. Servers are skilled at pushing their points in a short, succinct fashion. We know when it’s not time to beat around the bush and we know how to stand our ground under heavy pressure. We can be the kindest souls imaginable but we also know how to play hardball with the best of them.

6. We’re used to earning our wages the hard way.

Most of a server’s income comes from tips — meaning that if we aren’t on our A-game every time we show up for a shift, we are going home empty-handed. We see work time as go-time, even on the most exhausting and tireless of days. When things aren’t busy, we take the opportunity to organize, prep and prepare for the tasks that are coming up ahead. Doing the minimum has never been a part of our work ethic. And that work ethic stays with us outside the dining room. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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