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Reclaiming California: Redlands And The Big Blue Sky

San Bernardino County is sort of the Twilight Zone of Southern California. It feels much more like the desert that it is, rather than the heavily developed Orange County and the sprawling urban Los Angeles cityscape.

Devil Winds

Almost a work of fiction. Three thousand dollars a month. Three thousand divided by four weeks is seven hundred-fifty dollars a week. Seven hundred-fifty dollars a week divided by five weekdays is a hundred and fifty dollars a day.

Falling Feels Like Flying, Part II

Then, for the first time in years, you called me one night while I was graphing calculus equations and asked me to go on a drive with you.

Falling Feels Like Flying, Part I

We sat on the swings, then, and you told me that you liked me because I had nice hair and because I was funny. You asked me to tell you why I liked you back.

Having Snow

A beautiful thought: the wanting to keep intact something cold and pure and white, something that reflects the morning light, something that puts a gentle hush on your world.

Some Things You Can’t Force

You are a sea and I am a sea. Beside me, I see the body of your water and throw my own against yours. But like that magic place off the Alaskan coast, from our meeting erupts a ridge of separation.

Coming Of Age In Five Beats

Most of the time it’s fine and I don’t think about it but, when I need someone to blame, I let myself remember you.