Gay Men Can Be Sexist, And Here Is How They Do It

Of my circle of friends and acquaintances, the majority are men. Of those men, the majority are gay. In other words, the demographics of my friends are skewed in a very queer direction.

One might think this would mean that theyโ€™re also skewed in a feminist direction, but thatโ€™s not the case. There is an assumption that because gay men arenโ€™t sexually attracted to women, they are much less likely to be sexist or misogynistic.

Yolo Alikiโ€™s article on The Good Men Project shows that assumption is actually a misconception, and that gay men are fully capable of misogynistic and sexist behavior.

I was recently linked to the video above of a lecture given at a university symposium by John Stoltenberg in which he explains his โ€œGame Theory of Gender.โ€ It simply, but effectively, boils down some of the main cultural pressures which create and perpetuate misogyny, specifically gay male misogyny. Itโ€™s worth a watch precisely because though it doesnโ€™t let anyone off the hook for their actions, it isnโ€™t about trying to place blame.

Interesting side note: the reverse is not true. The most common misconception about lesbian attitudes towards men is that theyโ€™re all man haters. Thereโ€™s another article in that somewhere, Iโ€™m sure of it.

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image – Johan Larsson

This article appeared in a slightly different version over at The Good Men Project.


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