40 Of The Most Annoying Things, Like, Ever

image by Heather Sundell
image by Heather Sundell

1. Parking tickets.

2. Tugging at cereal packaging so hard that all the contents spill out onto the floor.

3. Realizing you’ve been wearing your underwear inside out for an entire day.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio only dates models.

5. Hanging a picture frame slightly off center, and not having any room to hammer a new nail hole without making a giant gash in the wall.

6. The baffling unavailability of your favorite 80’s movie on any streaming entertainment service.

7. Red lights.

8. Alma maters calling for donations while you’re still paying off loans.

9. Double spacing after a sentence.

10. Websites that don’t offer to check if an item is available in a store near you.

11. Putting your hair up perfectly, only to realize you left out a huge chunk.

12. Debit card fraud.

13. Canker sores.

14. Duvet covers.

15. Getting a wedgie in public.

16. Sale section having an item you want in every size but your own.

17. Mealy apples.

18. A police car driving behind you.

19. Forgetting your credit card in the checkbook and having to go back to the restaurant the next day.

20. How good Facebook stalking feels.

21. Small talk.

22. Running out of shampoo while you’re showering. (*Also, having to get out mid-shower to retrieve new bottle of whatever from under the sink.)

23. Picking something up and dropping it three times in a row.

24. This emoticon :/

25. Copays.

26. When a commercial or trailer is playing a great song, and you can’t for the life of you figure out what it is so that you can listen to it on repeat for three days.

27. Getting the car door stuck on a high curb.

28. You see that your favorite movie is on TV…but it started a half hour ago.

29. Getting texts from anyone and everyone except the one person you’re waiting for.

30. Really adorable animals that are too mean to pet (i.e. raccoon or angry puggle).

31. Movie theaters that don’t have any of the good candy.

32. Fake eyeglasses.

33. A small, but totally noticeable, stain on your favorite shirt.

34. Remembering to get parking validation, and still having to pay for parking.

35. Vague slang without a clear definition like, “basic bitch,” which is honestly very difficult to accurately use in a sentence.

36. Inauthentic LOLs

37. eBay

38. Software updates that require you to restart your computer.

39. Losing an entire blog post in Tumblr because they haven’t quite cracked that autosave nut.

40. Wait…have we already discussed parking tickets? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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