21 Signs You’re Definitely Growing Up

GIRLS / Amazon.com.
GIRLS / Amazon.com.

1. “Drink lots of fluids and eat your vegetables” now becomes a suggestion, instead of a demand, from your parents. It’s on you to stay healthy now.

2. You can’t truly ask for money from your parents without

  • feeling extremely guilty, or
  • insisting you will pay them back as soon as possible.

No more free handouts.

3. You no longer argue with your siblings as much as you used to. “Oh, sure, you can have a piece of my food,” said no 13-year-old sibling ever.

4. You start to understand and realize some of your parents’ methods that used to drive you crazy. You’re right, mom, I was stupid for wearing those heels to that party, but I’ll probably keep doing it.

5. When someone tells you that you look or act more like your mom or dad every day, you don’t get annoyed like you used to.

6. You start to pay more attention to a parent cooking, baking, and fixing things, because you are starting to realize that you’ll need to know how to do these things someday kind of soon.

7. You get annoyed when one of your friends says something negative about your family, even though you’ve said it a million times before. *Only I can say that about them…*

8. Dropping the occasional swear or inappropriate story around your parents doesn’t result in a scolding.

9. You finally realize that your parents spent a lot of money on you and your weird outfits.

10. Spending time with family or grandparents isn’t a drag, but is usually a fun experience where you learn a lot.

11. Talking about your childhood gets you excited, and extremely nostalgic — enough to want to go back to those simpler days.

12. You start craving and missing home cooked meals from your family and your friends’ houses. Pasta every night just doesn’t cut it.

13. You are finally enjoying reading books. No one is making you read them, but you do it because you want to.

14. You start to buy things for practicality’s sake. If it doesn’t seem like it will fit a year from now, chances are you won’t waste your money on something you won’t get any use out of.

15. Doctor and Dentist appointments are something you do solo now. You drive there by yourself, pay the charge, and drive home after without your mom or dad.

16. Arguments with your parents stay pretty civil. There is not much of the slamming doors and screaming like there was when you were still in high school.

17. You can now finally use the argument that you can do what you want because you are either 18, in college, or out of the house.

18. You know exactly how you want to dress, and you don’t care what anyone else has to say about it. Those self-searching middle school years are over now and you know your style and how you want to look.

19. Independence is a term you finally know and accept. Being alone isn’t the end of the world, but a time to reflect and see things differently.

20. You start to realize what your talents are, and what they aren’t. You aren’t good at dancing, even if everyone told you were when you were 12. But, you understand that it’s okay to not succeed at everything.

21. You see yourself starting to grow into the person that you’ve always wanted to be since you dreamed of it when you were a little girl. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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