15 Fictional Characters From TV Who Would Make The Best Boyfriend

I get pretty invested in the storylines of some of the TV shows I watch. I enjoy talking to my sister about the characters and their troubles as if they’re our real-life friends. Sometimes, I even briefly fantasize about what it would be like if this hot fictional guy existed. Seriously. That’s actually how this incredibly superficial list was born.

1. Silas Botwin, Weeds.

Um, he’s a hottie. And his mom is cool; she seems like she’d be fun. He’s entrepreneurial and he looks great both as a blond and a brunette.

2. Eric Taylor, Friday Night Light.

Friday Night Lights / Amazon.com
Friday Night Lights / Amazon.com

And for that matter, Coach, too, who is a pretty attractive guy in his own right. Perhaps Tami Taylor just makes the life of a football wife look much more amazing than it actually is, but if my future husband doesn’t at least coach our son’s PeeWee team, I’ll be pretty disappointed. P.S. FNL had some pretty drool-worthy cast members and I wish I could list them all. If it helps, there are two more later on.

3. Jax Teller, Sons of Anarchy.

Sons of Anarchy / Amazon.com
Sons of Anarchy / Amazon.com

Jackson Teller is the kind of badass that does awful things, but is still forgivable every time because he has that good guy side too. He shoots a guy in the face and proceeds to bang his ex-high-school sweetheart RIGHT NEXT TO THE BLEEDING BODY. But he does all of that to save Tara’s life. Tattoos and rough around the edges — unfff.

4. Daniel Desario, Freaks and Geeks.

Little James Franco in a leather jacket. The end.

5. Jess Mariano, Gilmore Girls.

Gilmore Girls / Amazon.com
Gilmore Girls / Amazon.com

I’m team Jess. I don’t care. Dean was stupid and Logan was an asshole. Jess had some growing up to do (and he did! He wrote a book!), but he challenged Rory too. He cared what she had to say, was just as nerdy about literature as she was, and was the perfect dash of rebel that Rory needed in her life. I can guarantee you that Rory would have never been arrested for stealing a yacht if she’d been with Jess at the time. Plus, the way he looked at her? That said it all.

6. Jackie Aprile, Jr., The Sopranos.

The Sopranos / Amazon.com
The Sopranos / Amazon.com

I know, I know. He was a liar and a drug dealer, and he was stupid enough to try to rob Christopher and the rest of Tony’s guys. But try to look past that and just see the very attractive young man that would enjoy showering you with gifts and scare the shit out of anyone who crossed you. Maybe it’s the Jersey in me, but I 100% had a crush on him. If your heart didn’t hurt a little when Vito shot him, then you’re a liar.

7. Owen Morello, One Tree Hill.

One Tree Hill / Amazon.com
One Tree Hill / Amazon.com

I’ve never seen True Blood (I have HBO I just never got into it. Should I watch? Let me know), otherwise his character in that would probably be listed above. Anyway, Joe Manganiello is the perfect man in every way. Even his alcoholic and delinquent past was eclipsed by his perfect biceps and kind heart. And because he gave Brooke all of those gifts and basically saved Rachel’s life, we can look past his reticence towards dating a successful woman with a child.

8. Harvey Specter, Suits.

Ladies-man extraordinaire, powerful lawyer, and well-groomed bad boy? You just really can’t go wrong with any of these. Tell me you wouldn’t love waking up in his incredible penthouse and meeting up with Donna for brunch. Maybe I just want to be Donna, that’s really possible too…

9. Jack Hunter, Boy Meets World.

Don’t hate me: I never really hopped onto the Shawn train. Pretty much any of the Matthews or Hunter boys would have made a great boyfriend, but Jack had the prettiest face. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t feel this way now, but 9-year-old me? All about it.

10. Tim Riggins, Friday Night Lights.

Friday Night Lights / Amazon.com
Friday Night Lights / Amazon.com

Come on. Any list of this sort would be incomplete if this guy wasn’t on it. He’s hot, he plays football, and he looks like that. Yeah, sometimes he’s a total screw up but with family like Billy Riggins, can we really expect anything more? With perfect, cuddle-friendly arms and that macho personality, I’d be willing to force myself into believing he’d turn his life around for me.

11. Derek Hale, Teen Wolf.

Yeah, so my little sister got me into Teen Wolf. Judge me. I will admit that it’s a really stupid show, but it’s an attractive cast (Hi, Holland Roden) and Tyler Hoechlin is pretty much the new Joe Manganiello. I would absolutely switch places with Kate Argent just to have been able to lick those abs. YUM.

12. Turtle/Sal Assante, Entourage.

I’m excited for the Entourage movie. It will probably be ridiculously dumb, but I don’t care. Vince was never really my cup of tea and E’s just too small for me (sorry!). Do I really need to mention Drama? But then there’s Turtle…he’s funny and adorable and he loves his mom. Bonus: have you seen Jerry Ferrara lately? Va va VOOM.

13. Alex, Parenthood.

Michael B. Jordan played a reformed bad boy that played hard to get just right. He was super polite and ran a charity soup kitchen, but he was also really protective and manly. You got the best of both worlds with that guy, Hattie.

14. Jake Jagielski, One Tree Hill.

One Tree Hill / Amazon.com
One Tree Hill / Amazon.com

I’m not ashamed to say that I didn’t have to Google the spelling of “Jagielski.” I will always have a soft spot in my heart for any character that Bryan Greenberg plays. He’s so sweet and he can play guitar. I would totally give up my Saturday nights to hang with him and Jenny. Stupid Peyton — I was never a big Lucas fan anyway.

15. Ryan York, Parenthood.

Yet another Friday Night Lights alum. I didn’t really love him as Luke Cafferty, but as a tough military guy falling in love with Mae Whitman’s Amber, he just stole my heart. He has issues that you just want to help him work through, and a really good body…so there’s that. Just pretend that this season never happened, and that he and Amber are living happily ever after in her weird studio with a garage door. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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