Stillness: A Letter To The Woman Who Struggles With Patience

Kinga Cichewicz / Unsplash

To the woman who struggles with patience, 

I see you. 

Time feels like it is gradually moving by at a slow but steady pace and other times it feels like it’s moving rapid and quickly without allowing you time to catch up.

Your high standards, innovation, and futuristic strengths often play a key role in where you see yourself in life, both in the present and future.

You may often sit, look around and ask where your blessing is. Through all the challenges, growing pains, laughter, and tears, you still wonder when your feeling of peace and breakthrough will present itself.

The concept of patience isn’t always rooted in the thought of a significant other, starting a family or making your wedding Pinterest board come to life. It isn’t always about comparing your life to someone of which you see on social media, no.

For you, it may be thoughts centered on your next career move, the yearning for stability in certain aspects of your life, muscle gain or developing and excelling in a new habit. Sometimes, it’s not having all the answers when in fact you just wish you did. 

Even if it’s one answer to push you in the right direction.

From past experiences, you may have learned that rushing things with your own set agenda and lack of focus isn’t always what’s best but your optimism and positive spirit took everything as a “lesson learned. “ So why is it different now? Maybe because you don’t want to swim in a sea of regret or repeat the same mistakes you once made.

Struggling with patience varies from being irritated in the grocery store when everyone around you is moving slow to feeling all the feels for something you desperately want but there is something saying “wait” or “not now.” 

A word from the wise, allow yourself some compassion and grace while trying to figure this thing called “life” out. Don’t feel pressured to have all the answers in a split moment or the coming days.

Don’t allow yourself to be a victim of self-sabotage, celebrate your joy and the need to want to see your accomplishments come to fruition.

There is value in reflecting on how far you’ve come. To see yourself and the growth you’ve made over the years is something within itself to celebrate. The habits you’ve broken, the relationships you’ve ended, the toxicity that you’ve wiped clean out of your life has helped you elevate to new heights, it deserves a celebration.

Goals, dreams, and aspirations change and that is okay. You will continue to meet people who awaken a spark inside of you and that is okay as well. Someone may enter into your life and see you better than you see yourself in many positive ways, allow it.

Allow yourself to feel, self-process, reflect and even wonder but don’t dwell on an intended timeline because some of the best destinations have the most beautiful, eye-opening, fun, often times confusing but worthwhile journeys with many experiences along the way. 

So don’t be too hard on yourself.

To the woman who struggles with patience,

I see you because that woman is me. TC mark

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