Why My Obsession With Travel Means I’m Living An Extraordinary Life

This piece is a direct response to a recent article entitled “Why Your Obsession With Travel Means You’re Living A Mediocre Life”
iStockPhoto.com / Deimagine
iStockPhoto.com / Deimagine

Last week, while I was supposed to be paying attention in class, I stumbled upon an article titled “Why Your Obsession with Travel Means You’re Living A Mediocre Life,” and it rubbed me the wrong way. This article insinuated that those who want to travel are afraid of the future and stability — as if their wanderlust is fueled by fear. Apparently, wanting to travel means you cannot create a substantial future for yourself or make any impact on the world whatsoever.

“Do you want to know what I believe, honestly?” The people who are driven by wanderlust are people who are living exquisite, exciting, and extraordinary lives.

Many people make an impact by traveling.

Maybe people who travel aren’t building themselves up in their home base because they have other goals. Pilots love to travel and see new places because they’re passionate about the exhilaration when a plane takes off. Singers travel around the country because the minute a concert starts; you’re pulled into an all-consuming spell that you never would want to break. Actors travel around the country to share their success stories with fans who dream of learning from them. Humanitarians travel to third world and less developed countries like Sierra Leone, which faced the Ebola outbreak, or countries like Haiti that was struck with disaster when the earthquake hit.

They’re working to make quality of life better for people they never even met, and that’s pretty damn admirable. I one day hope to travel the country to speak to high schools and colleges about mandatory healthy relationship classes in hopes it lessens the chances of sexual assault and domestic violence. You can make an impact by traveling the world, no matter how unorthodox people may view that as.

Traveling gives you perspective.

I don’t know anyone who has gone abroad and come back saying they didn’t learn something. Meeting people in the most exotic cultures teaches you ways to look at the world other than the views we learn from via mass media. America is not the only reality, and it’s beautiful to have the chance to see that.

You get to live a life of adventure.

Everyone has a bucket list, whether or not they admit it. I don’t know about you, but my list includes hiking Everest, skydiving in the Swiss Alps, scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, eating dinner in the Eiffel Tower, and visiting every continent at least three times.

No one looks back on their daily trips to the grocery store as the most exciting in their life. I want my life to constantly amaze me, and there’s no shame in that.

Dreams can come true.

I can’t count how many people I know dream of traveling the world but only get so far as day dreaming. Be someone who does, not just thinks. Life is short and now is the time to achieve your dreams. I take every day as if it’s my last, and it makes my life full of daily thrills and surprises. I know, every single day, that I’m one step closer to the end goal because I travel. My dreams will come true because I’m making them happen.

I don’t want stability if it means I have to live in one place for the next forty years. Maybe I don’t want commitment if it means I have to sweep my dreams under a carpet. There are a lot of maybes, but I know one thing for damn sure: I am not afraid of the future. I look forward to each and every day of my life. TC mark


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